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New IQ Docking System automatically calibrates and maintains up to 10 gas detectors

March 26, 2003

Health & Safety

Automated e-mail function provides immediate alerts
Middletown, Conn. (March 25, 2003) The new Instrument Quality (IQ) Docking System from Biosystems, a Bacou-Dalloz company, introduces an unattended system that eliminates manual operations in a cost-efficient process.

The IQ system provides comprehensive maintenance and calibration programs that schedule a series of automated functions, such as charging, calibrating and configuring up to 10 gas detectors more than most of the competition at half the price, said Bill Sawka, Marketing Manager, Biosystems.

The new 10-module IQ Docking Station is available with docking modules for Biosystems Cannonball3, PhD5, PhD Lite, and the new MultiVision gas detectors. The IQ Docking Station connects to a central database monitored by the software component the IQ Database Manager, which easily communicates with the docking station and creates custom templates and reports.

The IQ Database Manager communicates the specified series of automated functions to be performed, for an individual instrument or group of instruments, into the central controller and the docking station. When the calibration and configuration process is completed, the IQ Database Manager stores the systems recorded information. It also provides database access to a single instruments or group of instruments configuration template. As an added benefit, the license-free IQ Database Manager installs on multiple computers, granting access to authorized employees.

In addition to maintenance and calibration functions, the system provides automated e-mail alerts that notify employees if a specified function did not, or could not, occur. For example, if a gas detector is due for calibration, has an incomplete maintenance operation, or a gas cylinder runs low, the systems e-mail feature prevents loss of time by immediately notifying personnel of an irregularity. This e-mail alert eliminates the need to rely on periodic, self-imposed status checks.

Biosystems, a division of Bacou-Dalloz Inc., is a leading supplier of gas detection equipment used in confined space, respirator maintenance and other monitoring systems worldwide. Founded in 1981, Biosystems is headquartered in Middletown, Conn. In 1997, Biosystems was acquired by Bacou USA Inc., who joined with Dalloz last year to form the worlds largest personal protection safety equipment company. Bacou-Dalloz provides head-to-toe protection through their core businesses: respiratory protection (gas detectors and respirators); eye and face protection (safety eyewear, laser protection and eyewash products); hearing protection (helmets, ear muffs and ear plugs); fall protection (harnesses, lanyards, lifelines and fall arrest systems); and body protection (gloves, apparel and shoes). For more information, visit www.biosystems.com or www.bacou-dalloz.com.

Contact:Elaine Carraher
Brand Manager
Bacou-Dalloz Inc.
401-233-0333 ext. 261


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