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New Carbtex(r) Glove Line from Perfect Fit Glove Utilizes Revolutionary New Fiber

October 22, 2004

Health & Safety

— Patented fiber offers advanced heat, cut and abrasion resistance
— Gloves are more flexible, cool in summer, warm in winter

Smithfield, RI — A new line of gloves from Perfect Fit Glove has been developed for welders and others working in environments such as electrical utilities, petrochemical and oil and gas operations, auto manufacturing and racing, and more. The new Carbtex glove line incorporates a revolutionary new fiber material that provides outstanding thermal protection, as well as good abrasion and cut protection. Carbtex gloves provide greater dexterity than traditional leather welding gloves, and are also cooler and more comfortable in hot environments and warmer in cold environments.

Carbtex fiber consists of a proprietary thermoplastic core inside an oxidized outer shell that acts as a thermal shield against fire and UV light, dispersing the heat and energy. The fiber provides the properties of high performance carbon fiber, yet still has the flexibility, elasticity and processability of traditional textile fibers. The structure is inherently flame resistant and retains its properties even when blended with other materials.

In a number of independent tests, the gloves outperformed para-aramids and heavy leather in electric arc tests (40-100 cal/cm2) and have demonstrated good electrical resistivity from 106 to 1010  cm. In both cut and flash fire tests, the Carbtex gloves outperformed para-aramid and meta-aramid gloves. Competing products were able to withstand less than 10 seconds of direct exposure to a 1,287 degree C flame, while Carbtex withstood more than 20 seconds. In tests to measure dry contact heat protection (ASTM F-1060), Carbtex outperformed similar weight aramid fiber products across a range of temperatures by as much as 16%.

In addition to cut resistance at normal temperatures, the gloves maintain excellent physical properties at higher temperatures. It is recommended that Carbtex gloves be dry-cleaned, but the fiber can also withstand machine-washing with regular detergent without degrading. In tests, the Carbtex material was able to endure over 150 cleanings without significant wear or shrinkage. In addition, while other PPE materials were able to withstand a maximum of 12,000 abrasive rubs, Carbtex withstood more than 45,000.

A number of Carbtex glove configurations are available from Perfect Fit for different applications, including: a 13-cut liner for use under leather welding gloves; a heavyweight string knit for handling hot parts; a loop-out terry and a loop-in terry, both with continuous, 5-inch flared cuff; a thermal knit for high heat protection; a thermal terry; and a 7 gauge string knit glove with full leather palm reinforcement. Other custom configurations are also available.

Perfect Fit Glove, a Bacou-Dalloz Company, produces high quality industrial gloves for a wide range of applications. A leader in hand protection, Perfect Fit Glove will custom design and produce gloves for unique or demanding applications, to meet the needs of today’s increasingly specialized industries. Perfect Fit Glove is headquartered in Buffalo, NY.

In 2001 Dalloz joined with Bacou(r) to form the Bacou-Dalloz(tm) Group, the world leader in the design, manufacturing and sale of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The company employs about 6,700 people and operates 48 production facilities. Bacou-Dalloz provides unmatched head-to-toe protection through three strategic business segments: head protection (eye, hearing and respiratory), body protection (gloves, clothes and shoes) and fall protection. Bacou-Dalloz offers a full product range aimed at the manufacturing, construction, telecommunications, medical, public services and other sectors. Its products are available from its distributor partners worldwide.

For additional product information, contact:
Perfect Fit Glove
85 Innsbruck Dr.
Buffalo, NY 14227 USA
Tel: 800-245-6837
Fax: 716-668-3224
Email: perfectfitglove@perfectfitglove.com


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