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New Bilsom(r) Earmuff Line Does More Than Block Noise

July 16, 2004

Health & Safety

— Revamped line incorporates 18 new earmuff designs
— New product categories reflect new approach to hearing protection

Smithfield, RI — Just nine months into a highly focused R&D effort, Bilsom has introduced 18 new earmuff designs, positioning the brand as a formidable resource for hearing safety and other sound management solutions. The new Bilsom product line has been organized into four major categories: Noise Blocking, Sound Management, Radio, and Communication.

This renaissance in earmuff design emerged from the consolidation of Bilsom and Howard Leight(r) product lines by parent company Bacou-Dalloz. As a result of the consolidation, Bilsom has focused on product development and marketing for earmuffs while Howard Leight has assumed responsibility for earplugs.

Bill Sokol, Vice President Strategic Marketing, Bacou-Dalloz Hearing Safety Group, said, “Product development in the earmuff segment of the industry had been stagnant for several years. The Bilsom marketing and R&D people took the consolidation mandate as a challenge to take earmuffs to an entirely new level.”

“The new Bilsom product line goes beyond the traditional focus on gross noise blocking,” Sokol added, “and offers additional benefits such as optimized protection levels; improved earmuff comfort so that workers will use them consistently; and facilitating — rather than hampering — communication on the job. These superior, competitively priced products set Bilsom apart from the pack and fulfill the brand’s position statement — Personal Sound Management for Demanding Environments.”

The new product line includes earmuffs that reach the industry’s highest noise attenuation levels, along with a number of industry-first product innovations. For example, Bilsom’s line offers products with multiple attenuation levels that allow targeted protection when the highest levels of protection are not required. Also, new uniform attenuation technology available in certain models screens out harmful noise while letting the human voice and other important sounds pass through.

Design innovations also focus on comfort, ensuring worker wear and compliance. Inner ventilated headbands on some models offer better placement and positioning atop the head, while Bilsom’s padded fabric wire headbands provide support and comfort during long-term wear. Quick-Click height adjustment on some dielectric earmuffs prevents headband settings from slipping during wear.

Other innovations include products that protect hearing while not interfering with workplace communications. Some actually enhance it. They let workers tune into the radio while working on the job; listen to important external messages via radio; or even engage in two-way communications via radio, cell phone, or other portable communications devices.

Sokol said, “Bilsom has an uncompromising commitment to introducing earmuff products that provide optimal hearing protection combined with exceptional comfort, utility and value. The industry can look to us for further innovation and unique market applications soon.”

Bilsom was founded in Sweden in 1968 and leads the industry in developing innovative sound management technologies that are used in some of the most challenging environments in the world. Bilsom is part of the Bacou-Dalloz Hearing Safety Group, a world leader in hearing safety.

In 2001 Dalloz joined with Bacou(r) to form the Bacou-Dalloz Group, the world leader in the design, manufacturing and sale of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The company employs about 6,700 people and operates 48 production facilities. Bacou-Dalloz provides unmatched head-to-toe protection through three strategic business segments: head protection (eye, hearing and respiratory), body protection (gloves, clothes and shoes) and fall protection. Bacou-Dalloz offers a full product range aimed at the manufacturing, construction, telecommunications, medical, public services and other sectors. Its products are available from its distributor partners worldwide.

For additional information on Bilsom products, contact:
Bacou-Dalloz Hearing Safety Group
7828 Waterville Road
San Diego, CA 92154
Tel: 800-327-1110
Fax: 800-322-1330

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