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February 24, 2003

Health & Safety

Workers Compensation and Return to Work

March 17 23, 2003

Workers compensation income, services, and requirements play a crucial role in returning an employee who has incurred an occupational injury or illness to the workplace. A benefits manager can advise employees about the income they will receive and the paperwork that is required, however other members of the return-to-work team should have enough knowledge to answer questions about what is available in their jurisdiction. In order to develop the return-to-work plan, they should also be knowledgeable about what treatment, rehabilitation and other services will be fundedfor example, counselling, special equipment or adaptations to the work station, gradual or part-time returns, and trainingand be aware of any expertise within the workers compensation organization that they can draw on. Finally they should be familiar with the appeals process and any worker advisor programs available.

This online workshop module is designed for workplace representatives who will be assisting with the development of return to work plans and provides an opportunity to explore the knowledge and skills needed to interact with the workers compensation board and enhance the likelihood of a successful return to work.

Participants must have computer and Internet access. Those who enroll can sign on to the course site and participate at the time and place that are most convenient for them during the week of March 17-23, 2003. Activities require around ten to twelve hours over a ten day period. A manual and readings will be provided. Participants will discuss a variety of scenarios online and will complete a short assignment in order to earn credit for the workshop module.

Cost of the workshop is $225 although participants who are registered in more than five National Institute of Disability Management and Research online modules can obtain a discount.

Information about how to register can be found at: http://www.nidmar.ca/returntowork/enroll.htm


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