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MSA’s V-EDGE PFL allows for unhindered work at heights

Cable connects quickly, easily to full-body harness

Health & Safety

January 14, 2021
By OHS Canada

Designed specifically for leading edge and foot-level tie off, MSA’s V-EDGE PFL (personal fall limiter) allows employees to work comfortably and unhindered with it’s low-profile case and energy absorber design.

Furthermore, with MSA’s unique and intuitive attachment design, this PFL connects quickly and easily to a full-body harness.

The leading-edge cable is engineered for use in overhead and foot-level tie-off points, and where hazards are a concern.

With a stainless-steel housing built to last in the toughest environments, this PFL can help save time and money on costly replacements.

This MSA Safety product is eligible for the fall protection trade-out program.