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Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockouts for miniature ISO/DIN Circuit Breakers new from Master Lock

February 6, 2009

Health & Safety

Mississauga, ON These miniature lockouts (S2390 & S2391) lock out most miniature ISO/DIN circuit breakers found around the world. The patent pending S2390 fits standard width toggle openings with the pin out and a black handle. The S2391 fits wide toggle openings. It works with all Master Lock and American Lock safety padlocks and lockout hasps. For more information, go to the Master Lock web site www.safetyseries.com

About Master Lock

Master Lock offers a complete line of Safety Lockout/Tagout products to complement our full range of safety padlocks. This exclusive line of LO/TO accessories includes innovative and patent-pending cable lockout, gate valve, ball valve, circuit breaker, plug covers and much more. Available individually or in modular lockout kits and stations, these LO/TO products are easy-to-use and effective in use.


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