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Medical Emergency information device gives verbal instructions

October 1, 2007

Health & Safety

Toronto, ON Safety Mate is a new concept in preparing for emergency preparedness the Emergency Information Device (EID).

In an emergency, time is the enemy and Safety Mate will buy time until professional help arrives.

This electronic device provides an untrained attendant (to an injured person) with verbal instructions as to what must be done immediately. Even those who have taken first aid courses will benefit from using Safety Mate because it will refresh the memory skills and help to reduce the panic that is present during an emergency, often preventing potential life saving action.

Easy-to-understand life-saving verbal instructions include:
Bites & Stings
Chest Pain**
Electric Shock
Eye Injury
Head, Spine & Neck
Homeland Security**

This is a reliable, life-saving device that provides comprehensive, audible and interactive communication with an attendant (responds with a verbal communication when you press a button).

It is educational and a refresher for individuals who have taken courses for First Aid or CPR. There are two models available; SM352 and SM 303.
*SM352 model only (Industrial)
**SM303 model only (Schools & Daycare Centers)

Editors note:
Of interest to: construction foremen, office managers, plant managers, operations managers, fire chiefs, industrial safety professionals, union stewards, Joint Health & Safety Committee members, retail store managers, managers in institutions (schools, daycare, seniors residences, governments, etc.) and consumers for home use.

About Kit Care Corporation:
Kit Care Corporation provides professionally maintained first aid kits for industry and has been in the business for 47 years. Their service trucks make regular visits so that companies are always in compliance with the customers first aid program. KitCare has developed, tested and approved a full range of first aid products to meet and exceed provincial standards for industrial use. For more information, contact Kit Care at: info@kitcarecorp.com or go to www.kitcarecorp.com

Gerald Yaffe 416-243-3030
Kit Care Corporation


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