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Leading Canadian Ladder Manufacturer, Featherlite Industries Ltd. Launches Unique Toll-Free Resource Line For Contractors

September 20, 2004

Health & Safety

Aurora, Ontario September 14, 2004 To mark its 55th anniversary, leading Canadian industrial and construction ladder manufacturer Featherlite Industries Ltd. has announced the launch of a unique toll-free resource line, to provide contractors with the convenience of obtaining any ladder-related information in one easy-to-access place.

“Until now, there has been no one formal source of information about ladders where contractors can get all the information they need from ladder sizes and accessories, to proper usage, to Canadian Standards Association (CSA) requirements and safety tips,” said Garry Turgeon, General Manager of Featherlite Industries Ltd. in unveiling the toll-free service, called the Featherlite Ladder Information Line, accessed at

“Any contractor from air conditioning, heating and electrical contractors, to industrial and commercial contractors, painters, general contractors, or contractors in roofing, home building/improvements, telecom, cable and satellite can benefit from this resource line and conveniently receive up-to-date information that will help make their jobs easier, and in many cases, safer,” Turgeon explained.

The Featherlite Ladder Information Line is accessible from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, with a “Ladder Pro” answering queries and directing callers in the right direction. Where requested, information packages on a variety of ladder-related topics can be sent out to callers. After hours, messages can be left on the line for next-day call-backs by a Ladder Pro, and the Featherlite web site (www.featherlite.ca) welcomes queries through its on-line “Ask An Expert” section. The web sites “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) page will also help point contractors in the right direction.

“Ladders are essential trade equipment that is often taken for granted, and sometimes misused,” Turgeon stressed. “Featherlite has acquired a wealth of information during its 55 years in the ladder business. In that time, we have made close to two million ladders a million of which are probably still in service and were pleased to share our knowledge and experience through this new resource line.”

The concept for the toll-free service developed as a result of the overwhelming number of calls the company receives daily from contractors with questions, Turgeon explained, adding that callers need not be Featherlite customers to use the line. Examples of information that can be obtained from the Featherlite Ladder Information Line include:

* How to choose the right ladder and duty rating for your needs.

* Which ladders can be taken to which types of job sites, and what kind of ladder is best for particular jobs wood, aluminum, fiberglass or steel.

* What kinds of accessories are available on the market for attachment to a variety of ladders.

* What are safe working practices for using different ladders in any particular situation.

* How to perform preventive maintenance and inspections on your ladder, as well as what types of repairs can be made by the user, and what kinds of repairs should not.

Established in 1949, Aurora, Ont.-based Featherlite Industries Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, CSA-certfied industrial & construction ladders. Fully100-per-cent Canadian owned and operated, Featherlite offers a full line of fibreglass and aluminum step and extension ladders, in addition to its popular JAWS telescoping, multi-position, climbing system multi-way, and Combi articulating ladders.


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