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Leadership Council Moves BC Safety Charter Forward

March 27, 2012

Health & Safety

Chilliwack, BC (March 30, 2012) — BC’s Leading Performance Health and Safety Charter was moved forward in a big way after a group of the 22 inaugural signatories met February 21.

The leaders met for a full-day session at the Terminal City Club in Vancouver in order to hammer out a strategy for achieving the goals of the 150@2015 Initiative which aims to have at least 150 BC CEOs and senior executives sign on to the charter by 2015.

The members selected for the the Leadership Council Steering Committee consisting of: Ben Hume, Chairman, Alco Ventures Inc.; Dan Reader, President, Murray Latta Progressive Machine Inc.; Derek Campbell, General Manager, Gate Gourmet YVR; Sven Freybe, President and CEO, Freybe Gourmet Foods; and, Sandra Oldfield, CEO, Tinhorn Creek Vineyards.

The action plan developed at February’s meeting includes a series of breakfast mentoring sessions with industry colleagues planned for May, June and October throughout the province of BC as well as a streamlined communication internet and social media platform that will allow signatories to get the message out and communicate with one another as the initiative grows.

Among the many issues and concerns discussed during the strategy session were; the general state of the economy and its impact on the need for companies to reduce costs; federal and provincial legislation and the changing nature of safety hazards in the workplace and the growing fluctuations in the dynamics of the workforce.

The Safety Charter was introduced last October 27at the Leading Performance Conference, a day-long conference on health and safety hosted by the FIOSA-MIOSA Safety Alliance of B.C., a non-profit association representing B.C.’s food & beverage processing and manufacturing industries. In the end, according to Lisa McGuire, CEO of FIOSA-MIOSA, it all comes down to making and living up to the serious commitment to keep health and safety issues at the forefront of the minds of CEOs and senior executives.

“We chose our target of 150 signatories by 2015 for a very intentional reason – we believe this number represents the “critical mass” we need to be able to create positive changes within the industry.”

Information on the charter and the 150@2015 Initiative can be found at: http://www.fmiosa.com/lpc.

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