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KleenWraps reduce risk of COVID-19 germs

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May 21, 2021
By OHS Canada

Health & Safety COVID-19 KleenWraps

Washable, reusable set protects users from suspicious surfaces

We’re probably more aware of the things we touch every day — because while there was always a risk of germ transfer… and now there’s COVID.

Weights at the gym, walkers and wheelchairs at rehab centres, cafeteria trays, doors/handles?  Worry no more…there is an easy way to protect yourself from suspicious surfaces and get some peace of mind with washable, reusable KleenWraps.

This set comes with the tools you need to distance yourself from germs on free-weights, scooters, bus and subway handles and poles, bikes, door knobs and levers, cardio equipment, gas station pumps, grocery carts and baskets, walkers and wheelchairs and more!

Easy to apply—no residue—and their antimicrobial properties are resistant to wear and continue to fight germs after multiple washes.


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