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Kentek Adds Fosta Fog-Free Coating To Its Laser Safety Eyewear

March 22, 2007

Health & Safety

Leominster, MA — Kentek Corporation has announced plans to incorporate Fosta-Tek’s new Fosta Fog-Free coating into its laser safety eyewear line. The addition of the coating is expected to reduce the potential for eye injury by increasing the user’s ability to wear laser safety eyewear for longer periods of time. The new coating will also increase product life by reducing the tendency of polycarbonate lenses to scratch.

Laser work creates intense concentrations of heat as well as ultraviolet, infrared, and reflected light radiation. Unprotected eye exposure to lasers may result in retinal burns, cataracts, and even blindness. As a result, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires companies with lasers to furnish workers exposed to laser beams with suitable laser eye protection (1926.102(b)(2)).

“Failure to wear protective eyewear is a leading cause of eye injury from exposure to laser radiation,” said Kentek President, Tom MacMullin. A leading full-service laser company since 1983, Kentek offers a wide range of laser safety products, laser components, laser services and accessories. Its laser protective eyewear includes filter glass, polycarbonate, and prescription eyewear in many different frame styles and configurations. The new anti-fog coating feature will be available on plano polycarbonate eyewear. About half of all laser eyewear worldwide is manufactured from this engineering polymer.

“Laser safety eyewear tends to be closer fitting than other types of safety eyewear in order to minimize exposure to peripheral laser radiation,” MacMullin said. “This reduces air flow around the lenses and increases the tendency to fog. Too often, laser operators remove their eyewear and expose themselves to potential injury,” he said. “Our approach is to enhance the ability to wear laser safety eyewear for longer periods of time by offering more comfortable styles and reducing this propensity for fog.”

Recently introduced by polymer optics manufacturer Fosta-Tek Optics, the new Fosta Fog-Free coating was developed in response to new military and European eyewear standards for improved anti-fog and abrasion resistance performance. “Traditional anti-fog coatings consist either of treatments to absorb condensation, which quickly become saturated, or dual purpose coatings based on siloxane and wetting agents which have limited tolerance for water immersion and offer only temporary anti-fog properties,” said Jim LeBlanc, Vice President of Fosta-Tek. The Fosta Fog-Free coating utilizes a flexible poly-hardcoat with permanent anti-fog and anti-static properties built in. Moisture dissipates prior to condensing as fog on the lens surface due to the coating’s unique chemistry and low surface energy.

“In addition,” said LeBlanc, “most anti-fog coatings are very soft. “Our new Fosta Fog-Free coating acts as a hardcoat, and is durable enough to stand up to repeated cleanings with hot water and soap or household detergents. It is therefore a more permanent coating technology with a longer useful life in the field.”

“This will increase the longevity and value of our products,” said MacMullin, “which we see as another benefit to our customers.” MacMullin said he expects the Fosta Fog-Free coating to be added to the Kentek line beginning with, “our newer, more closely fitting designs.”

Kentek polycarbonate laser safety eyewear products include styles which range from form-fitting goggles to sleek wraparounds and laser protective filters for broad band, narrow band, and alignment applications.

In addition, Kentek provides a complete line of medical protective eyewear designed for patients, medical assistants, and physicians, including disposable eye shields, flip-up face shields, stainless steel goggles, intra-ocular shields and an assortment of eyewear styles and options. The medical eyewear line includes products for patients and physicians to protect against intense pulsed light (nonlaser, “IPL”) as well as laser applications.

Fosta-Tek Optics specializes in the design and manufacture of polymer-based optical components and coatings for OEM customers. A one-stop shop for the design and manufacture of optical components, Fosta-Tek is a leading North American source for military, safety and consumer lenses, as well as a range of industrial optics. Fosta-Tek’s innovative chemical coatings and integrated molding operations provide economical solutions for high volume requirements. Privately owned and headquartered in Leominster, MA, the company is ISO 9001:2000 Registered and serves a diverse customer base in industrial, consumer, medical, automotive, homeland security and military markets.

For additional information on Kentek laser safety eyewear, contact:
Kentek Corporation
1 Elm St.
Pittsfield, NH 03263
Tel: 800-432-2323
Fax: 603-435-7441
Email: info@kenteklaserstore.com
Website: http://www.kenteklaserstore.com

For additional Fosta-Tek product information, contact:
Fosta-Tek Optics, Inc.
320 Hamilton Street
Leominster, MA 01453
Tel: (978)534-6511
Fax: (978) 537-2168
Email: jmorrison@fosta-tek.com
Website: http://www.fosta-tek.com


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