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Industrial Scientific DS2 Docking StationNow Compatible with Stand-Alone PCs

December 7, 2004

Health & Safety

PITTSBURGH Industrial Industrial Scientific Corporation has enhanced the flexibility of its DS2 Docking Station with the recent release of DS2 software version 2.0. A complete gas monitor management system, the DS2 now includes the added capability of allowing end users to install up to eight DS2s on a stand-alone PC. While DS2 version 2.0 retains the
ability to be installed on a Windows server with a network of up to 100 Instrument Docking Stations, it now provides additional benefits for customers who want to manage smaller instrument fleets at a more local level.

The DS2 Docking Station is a valuable tool for any gas detection program. In addition to recharging, the DS2 reads individual instrument serial numbers and performs calibration and bump testing according to specific schedules set by the user. Instrument diagnostics and record keeping functions also limit safety hazards and liability concerns for
additional peace of mind. Two-way wireless and/or Ethernet connectivity allows DS2s to communicate from remote locations to a central database. The DS2 features a multilingual display, three status LEDs and an
audible alarm providing important status information and instrument details. The DS2 also offers optional iGas capability to automatically identify calibration gas cylinder concentrations, lot numbers and expiration dates to keep the system operating effectively and continually.

Since its introduction one year ago, the DS2 Docking Station has become the industry leader in gas detection instrument management due to its unmatched performance and flexibility. Now, DS2 software version 2.0 supports all customer applications from a simple laptop PC running one
to eight DS2s, to complete WAN networks supporting up to 100 DS2s in multiple locations around the world.

Industrial Scientific Corporation is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of gas monitoring instruments, systems and other technical products for the preservation of life and property. The company has headquarters in Oakdale, Pa. and 29 regional offices throughout the world. For more information on Industrial Scientific’s Docking Station
or other portable gas detection products, contact Industrial Scientific by phone at 1-800-338-3287 or log on to


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