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Grace Industries Advances Technology with the New SC500

May 26, 2010

Health & Safety

Fredonia, PA Expanding on their man down alarm product line, Grace Industries announces the release of the SuperCell SC500. The SC500 is a two-way signaling RF device. SC500 has the ability to monitor other Grace Industries devices, specifically the SuperCell and TPASS product lines. This enables the user to be hands free and mobile while monitoring other safety professionals. The SC500 has text messaging capability and can be pre-programmed with up to 50 messages. The SC500 itself also has its own motion sensing alarm providing its own man down alarm capability.

Because of its unique design, the SC500 works in many different safety scenarios. It permits the safety officer or incident commander to move freely around the scene while monitoring other personnel. The device even gives the officer the ability to evacuate personnel immediately from any situation. Managing the accountability of the safety personnel; the SC500 offers the freedom to do the job without being confined to a computer screen. It simply allows more agility and efficiency in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

About Grace Industries Inc:

Grace Industries, Inc. manufactures innovative safety products with a primary focus on life safety, emphasizing advanced technology through research and development. For over 30 years, they identify the need and develop new products in every aspect of the safety industry, ranging from firefighters to educational facilities. Grace Industries, Inc. is dedicated to satisfying customers by making quality products which are delivered on time. Through continuous product, process, and service improvement; Grace Industries Inc. maintains excellence through innovation.

For more information on Grace Industries, Inc. or the SC500 product call 1-800-969-6933 or visit them online at www.graceindustries.com


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