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September 10, 2002

Health & Safety

COLUMBIA, South Carolina — Thermoskin has developed a new arthritic pain relief glove for arthritis and repetitive strain sufferers designed to relieve pain and discomfort in the fingers and hands.

The Thermoskin Arthritic Wrap-Around Glove provides comforting warmth and gentle support to the hand to facilitate natural therapeutic relief from arthritic pain. The technique used is proven and used in all of the more than 40 Thermoskin pain relief products.

The glove covers all metacarpal bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments in the hand, yet allows performance of daily activities.

The anatomical shape of the glove assures a snug but comfortable fit. Easy close fasteners adjust and detach for simple removal.

Seams and hems are overlocked flat and there are no welted ridges to cause discomfort and irritation.

Available in black in six sizes from XS to XXL, the Arthritic Glove fits hand circumferences of 6 to 11 3/4 in. The correct size is determined by measuring the circumference of the hand around the knuckles. The gloves are sold in pairs.

Like the other Thermoskin products, the Arthritic Glove, is made up of three layers.

The durable scale-like texture of the Arthritic Gloves outer fabric is made of a non-slip material that provides an added grip for arthritis sufferers. The outer fabric also binds the product together. The middle layer is a specifically formulated non-porous rubberized material. The inner layer, which is the Trioxin material, is what sets Thermoskin apart from its competitors.

Trioxin is a special material featuring a spiral structure that creates a micro-climate that allows the skin to ventilate by wicking away the moisture. It is designed to be soft against the skin to minimize perspiration, reduce inflammation, soften the tendons and open the capillaries.

“With over 43 million or one out of every six Americans suffering from arthritis or other rheumatic conditions, the Thermoskin Arthritic Wrap is intended to give sufferers some degree of independence and a better quality of life,” noted Kevin Outred, President of United Pacific, Inc. “It allows arthritic sufferers to reactivate their bodies with light exercise and to do simple everyday activities that may previously not have been possible. To the best of our

knowledge, there is no similar product currently available on the market.”

Outred added that the Arthritic Glove has been tested overseas through focus groups, and through field trials in Australia.

“Participants reported a 53% pain reduction while wearing the Thermoskin Arthritic Glove,” Outred noted. “Other participants noted that the wearability and durability of the glove is excellent.”

The Arthritic Glove is being marketed throughout the United States through DMEs and HMEs to pharmacies, home health care stores and professional markets such as arthritic,

chiropractic, physical therapy, sports medicine, hospital, nursing home and primary care practitioners as well as other medical and professional outlets.

Besides the Arthritic Glove, United Pacific offers a clinically-proven line of more than 40 Thermokin pain relief products including therapeutic supports covering the knee, back and carpal tunnel wrist area.

For more information on the Arthritic Wrap Around Glove from United Pacific, contact United Pacific, Inc., P. O. Box 23585, Columbia, South Carolina 29224. Telephone: (803) 735-0034 or (800) 706-1520; FAX: (803) 735-3002. E-Mail is thermoskin@thermoskin.com. Their website is www.Thermoskin.com.


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