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Electrolab publishes Inside Out safety book to promote positive safety change

September 13, 2012

Health & Safety

SEPTEMBER 2012—BELLEVILLE, ONTARIO—Electrolab Limited has published, Inside Out: Rethinking Traditional Safety Management Paradigms, by Larry Wilson and Gary A. Higbee, EMBA, CSP to help safety professionals re-think and improve their safety initiatives.

Inside Out takes readers on a journey through the early days of safety, the development of traditional safety management systems and the discovery that we need to re-think these traditional paradigms to include practices for dealing with human error.

Its 294 pages will explain why traditional workplace safety will only take you so far with injury prevention and will illustrate the concepts and techniques needed to achieve world-class safety performance on and off the job. Readers are given step-by-step instructions on how to apply these concepts and techniques to enhance near-miss reporting, accident/incident investigation, job safety analysis, compliance training and behavior-based safety processes.

Jerry Laws, editor of OH&S Magazine and this book, states, “Through the book, they reward readers not just by explaining how they came to understand what really causes most injuries and how to prevent them, but also by sharing practical steps and information required to implement this kind of change, and thereby significantly reduce injuries.”

The book also provides an understanding of how these concepts and techniques formed the development of the SafeStart® program, Electrolab’s advanced safety awareness and personal safety skills development program, making this of particular interest to the 2,500+ SafeStart clients around the world as well as any company striving to achieve world-class safety performance.

Inside Out is available now in trade paperback exclusively from Electrolab via their SafeStart website, at www.safestart.com/insideout, with future availability expected through popular online retailers.

About Electrolab Limited

Electrolab is a global leader in workplace safety training as the creator, sole proprietor and international representative of SafeStart. Operating in Canada for over 30 years, Electrolab also provides health and safety, human resources and technical skills training products to businesses and industry across Canada.

Contact: Barb Tait

E-mail: btait@electrolab.ca

Website: www.electrolab.ca

About Gary A. Higbee, EMBA, CSP

Gary Higbee, is a consultant for SafeStart and owner/CEO of Higbee & Associates, Inc. He has received numerous safety awards including the 2010 Distinguished Service to Safety Award from the National Safety Council.

E-mail: g.higbee@mchsi.com

Website: http://www.higbeeandassociates.com/

About Larry Wilson

Larry Wilson is the author of SafeStart, SafeTrack and numerous published safety articles. He is a frequent speaker at health and safety conferences around the globe and co-owner/VP of Electrolab Limited.

E-mail: larry@safestart.com 

Website: http://www.safestart.com/larry-wilson

About SafeStart

SafeStart is the most successful safety training process in the world with over two million people trained at more than 2,500 companies and 8,000 sites in 50+ countries and 30+ languages.

Contact: Ray Prest

E-mail: rprest@electrolab.ca

Website: www.safestart.com


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