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December 5, 2011

Health & Safety

BELLEVILLE, ON (December 2011)Every day, over 2,000 workers across North America suffer some type of eye injury requiring medical treatment.  


ERI SAFETY VIDEOS has recently released a new safety training DVD titled, “PROTECTING OUR SIGHT”.  This program discusses the protective devices and precautions that we can utilize to prevent eye injuries while stressing the importance of assessing the hazards of each job task and avoiding common pitfalls that often lead to these incidents.


It also illustrates eye protection in a variety of industry settings and uses graphic images to help reinforce the concepts. Topics include how the vision process works, types of eye injuries, employee responsibility to wear appropriate protection, use of safety glasses, safety goggles and face shields and eye protection required for welding and laser operations.


Reducing lens fogging, cleaning and storage of protective devices, off-job safeguards and proper response to eye injuries are also reviewed in the program.


PROTECTING OUR SIGHT is produced by ERI Safety Videos of Lexington, SC, a leading producer of health and safety training. This program is available in Canada through Electrolab Training Systems of Belleville, Ontario. To arrange a free preview please call 1-800-267-7482 or visit www.electrolab.ca.

Electrolab Training Systems provides health and safety, human resources, and technical skills training products to businesses and industry across Canada.




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