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E-Course to Help Prevent Ladder Injuries

September 1, 2005

Health & Safety

Ladder Safety, the latest e-learning course developed by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) focuses on preventing injuries related to working with ladders. Each year in Canada people die and thousands are injured from falls and other accidents related to working on, or with, ladders.

The e-course from CCOHS provides information that will help increase ladder safety awareness both at work and at home. Ladder Safety is a practical introduction to working safely with ladders and covers topics such as inspection before use, proper set up of ladder, and how to work safely while on the ladder. It is geared to people working in environments such as manufacturing, municipalities, utilities, and offices. It may also be helpful in the construction sector although specific issues such as scaffolding are not covered.

The course provides people who work with ladders at home or at work with the knowledge they need to prevent accidents and injuries, and work safely with ladders. Supervisors and staff responsible for training & purchasing will also find the course content beneficial.

As with all of CCOHS e-courses, Ladder Safety is delivered over the Internet in an e-learning format that makes training easily accessible and cost effective. The course, complete with references, quizzes and an exam takes about 30 to 40 minutes to complete.

Ladder Safety is the latest addition to CCOHS roster of e-courses and is available in English. The French version of this course Scurit des schelles will be available in early September. Other new e-course titles coming soon include Electrical Hazards, Office Health and Safety and Personal Protective Equipment.

More information about the Ladder Safety e-course: www.ccohs.ca/products/courses/ladder_safety

Eleanor Irwin, Manager – Marketing, Sales and Communications
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
905/572-2981, Ext. 4408 Email: eleanori@ccohs.ca

Please visit www.ccohs.ca

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), formed in 1978, is a Canadian federal government agency based in Hamilton, Ontario. CCOHS provides Canadians with unbiased, relevant information and advice that supports responsible decision-making and promotes safe and healthy working environments. CCOHS makes a wide range of occupational health and safety information readily available, in language that is appropriate for all users, from the general public to the health and safety professional. Internationally, the Centre is renowned as an innovative, authoritative occupational health and safety resource. CCOHS partners and collaborates with agencies and organizations from Canada and around the world to improve the quality and quantity of resources and programs, as well as expand the breadth of usage of occupational health information to many different segments of society.


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