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E-A-R Introduces New ARC Plug

January 23, 2006

Health & Safety

Indianapolis, IN JAN 4, 2006 – The recent update to electrical standard NFPA 70E has caused arc flash protection to become the hottest topic in todays safety industry. When an arc flash occurs, it creates a high level noise that can not only damage a persons hearing but can cause concussive disorientation. Losing your sense of balance can be devastating to someone working at heights or around large machinery. To date, no manufacturer has developed a hearing protection solution specifically for arc blast, until now.

Introducing, the new E-A-R ARC Plug, the only arc protection earplugs with patented Hear-Through design. Hear-Through filter technology allows the wearer to hear sounds clearly around them (i.e., conversation, traffic, radio, etc.), while receiving protection instantly in the case of an impulse noise (i.e., arc blast). This is the same technology found in E-A-R Combat Arms Earplugs which is widely used by the US Military to protect troops against weapons fire and explosive devices in Iraq & Afghanistan.

A second side (red) of the new ARC Plug offers protection against constant high-level noise (NRR 22dB).

The new ARC Plug requires no batteries and has no moving parts. It is washable and reusable, and comes with a dielectric carrying case and plastic chain.

For more information contact Customer Service at 800-225-9038 or visit us on the web at www.eararcplug.com


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