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Dentec Safety Specialists Highlights Slice Line of Cutting Tools

April 28, 2011

Health & Safety

Newmarket, ON (April 2011) – Claudio Dente, President of Dentec Safety Specialists, is happy to present the latest development in cutting tools for small applications – box cutters, letter openers, safety cutters and precision cutters.  SliceTM is a line of cutting tools that uses Zirconium Oxide which is a high-tech ceramic as the material for this patented blade.  Ceramics are more durable than steel and next to diamonds are the most durable substances on Earth.  Compared to any metal (even high-carbon steel), a ceramic blade is sharper, harder and stays that way much longer.

Mr. Dente remarked, “Unlike steel blades, ceramic blades won’t rust, dull, or stain items being cut.  On the scientific MOHS scale (1 – 10), diamonds are at 10 and ceramics are at 8.2 while the average steel blade is 5.5 – a substantial drop in hardness.”

The world’s first ceramic Box Cutter.

It is a patent-pending design that protects your hands with a unique handle and grip.  The patent-pending double-edged ceramic blades last 20 times longer than traditional metal blades.  Our ceramic blades are also 20 times sharper than traditional metal blades which results in superior cutting, less exposed blade and increased safety with fewer injuries.  Additional blades are easily accessible via the back of the handle.  The other products also benefit from similar features to the box cutter.


Dentec Safety Specialists Inc. presents Canadian industry with safety solutions, completely supported by PPE (personal protection equipment) training through the sales and service of 8 different product lines, including; ergonomics products (gloves and liners, back supports, wrist, knee, ankle and elbow braces/supports), electrolyte replacement drink, head protection, hearing protection, eye/face/welding protection, respiratory protection, fall protection, industrial cutting tools, protective apparel, first aid, medical supplies and industrial eyewash/showers.


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