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Deb Offers Eight New EcoLogo Certified Hand Hygiene Products

September 22, 2010

Health & Safety

Waterford, ON – Deb now offers eight new EcoLogo certified occupational skin care formulations as part of its Global Range of products.

“Our new range of products was developed with environmental leadership in mind for our local, national and international customers.  We’re progressing through an eco accreditation program not only with EcoLogo here in North America, but also with Green Seal in the USA, Eco-Label in Europe and Environmental Choice in Australia.  Currently, we have eight out of eighteen new formulations EcoLogo certified, with many more to come,” comments Patrick Boshell, Marketing Manager, Deb Canada.

Deb now offers three new lotion cleansers, three new foam cleansers, a solvent-free heavy duty containing sunflower and its InstantFOAM alcohol hand sanitizer with EcoLogo certification for North America.   “Our product philosophy is designed to support compliance, so we looked at specific user preferences in each category to create products that were both pleasant to use, while ideally fit for purpose.  For example, we have fragrance-free and dye-free cleansers in both lotions and foams that are EcoLogo certified, but also provide fragranced versions based on user preferences,” continues Boshell.

Positive environmental citizenship is about finding ways to reduce, reuse and recycle and Deb’s green skin care leadership extends beyond just the product formulations. “At Deb, we recognize that our greatest impact on the environment results in the daily use of our products.  We consider not just the chemistry, but also our dispensing, packaging and manufacturing processes for our group of companies around the world.  Additionally, our cartridges are designed to collapse in use so all the product is evacuated – plus the cartridges are 100% recyclable.  Environmental leadership is our priority and we have a long eco-accreditation history with EcoLogo.  We are very excited to bring this new range of ‘green friendly’ skin care formulations to our Canadian and global customers,” concludes Boshell.

For more information on Deb Global Range of products now EcoLogo certified, please visit www.debgroup.com

About Deb Canada:

Deb Canada is a division of Deb Canadian Hygiene Inc. and member of Deb Group Ltd; aspiring to be the world’s leading away from home skin care system company.  We provide dedicated skin care programs for organizations that value their employee and customer well being.  Deb programs are based on the Deb Skin Care System, which is comprised of a complementary range of skin care products and support activities to help implement and maintain effective hand hygiene.


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