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Deb InstantFOAM Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Certified by EcoLogo for North America

June 9, 2010

Health & Safety

Waterford, ON – Deb Canada today announced that InstantFOAM Alcohol Hand Sanitizer is EcoLogo certified in North America as environmentally preferred.  EcoLogo Certification by TerraChoice, a third-party eco-labeling program, acknowledges that Deb InstantFOAM Alcohol Hand Sanitizer meets the program’s Instant Hand Antiseptic Products standard (CCD-170) for environmental leadership. 

In just 15-seconds, Deb InstantFOAM Alcohol Hand Sanitizer with 72% Ethyl Alcohol kills 99.999 percent of many germs and bacteria that cause common illnesses.  It has been tested and proven not to reduce skin hydration content through regular usage and contains built-in skin conditioners to leave hands feeling smooth and soft. 

“Most people are surprised to learn that 10 million bacteria can sit very comfortably on the head of a pin and given the right conditions can double every 20-minutes.  In addition to being EcoLogo certified, Deb InstantFOAM Alcohol Hand Sanitizer has a proven 5 log reduction – meaning it kills 99.999 percent of common germs in just 15-seconds,” comments Patrick Boshell, Marketing Manager, Deb Canada.

“To put the importance of that efficacy claim into perspective, Deb InsantFOAM is essentially ten times more effective than a product that has a claim of only 99.99 percent.  A big difference, when you consider the average working adult touches as many as 30 objects every 60-seconds which may be contaminated by any number of common bacteria, such as E. coli.”

“Now customers have a natural choice when it comes to alcohol hand sanitizers with a higher efficacy claim. With more than 8.8 million applications of Deb InstantFOAM dispensed everyday around the world – we are thrilled to receive EcoLogo certification in North America without any changes to our existing formulation.”

The EcoLogo Standard (CCD-170) for Instant Hand Antiseptic Products applies only to products used in the “away from home market” which includes any instances outside of personal residence such as the workplace or community.    Some scientists estimate that up to 80% of all infections are transmitted by hands and our work environments provide many opportunities for germs to spread.  Studies show that good hand hygiene can reduce illness, absence from work and associated costs, on average by approximately 40%.  “Deb’s Infection Control in the Workplace Program combines highly effective products such as InstantFOAM Alcohol Hand Sanitizer with awareness and education tools including posters, signs, staff handout and e-materials.  When it comes to infection prevention, education remains our best defense.”

“As market leaders, we expect our products to be the best by all measures, including environmental ones. With its 72% Ethyl Alcohol, Deb InstantFOAM meets the EcoLogo Standard because the formulation is ‘readily biodegradable’ and our 400 ml pump bottles and 1-litre cartridges are 100% recyclable.”  Additionally, Deb offers a 1-litre TouchFREE Automatic Dispenser which can be mounted to a wall or used with a stand for high traffic areas.

“For many companies, initiatives related to infection prevention or the environment are viewed as investments in sustainability – rather than expenses.  Deb InstantFOAM Alcohol Hand Sanitizer is another indication of our commitment to develop products that are good for your health and the environment,” concludes Boshell.

For further information about Deb InstantFOAM Alcohol Hand Sanitizer and other Deb skin care products/programs, please call the Deb Canada customer service team at 888-332-7627 or visit www.debgroup.com.  For more information about EcoLogo and the Instant Hand Antiseptic Products standard visit www.ecologo.org

About Deb Canada: 

Deb Canada is a division of Deb Canadian Hygiene Inc. and member of Deb Group Ltd; aspiring to be the world’s leading away from home skin care system company.  We provide dedicated skin care programs for organizations that value their employee and customer well being.  Deb programs are based on the Deb Skin Care System, which is comprised of a complementary range of skin care products and support activities to help implement and maintain effective hand hygiene.



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