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CON-SPACE Experiences Increased Sales in Booming Mining industry

March 18, 2004

Health & Safety

Richmond, British Columbia, March 17, 2004 CON-SPACE Communications Ltd. (CCB – TSX Venture) (http://www.con-space.com), President, Mr. Terence A Ibbetson, announced today that CON-SPACE has recently experienced a significant increase in sales of their rescue equipment designed specifically for the mining industry. In the past two months alone, six complete kits were ordered for use in varied mine settings including Gold, Salt and Gypsum Mines. In addition, CON-SPACE is currently providing numerous quotations on other complete kits for use within the mining industry.

CON-SPACE garnered International media attention in 2002 when its rescue equipment was used at the Quecreek Mine Rescue in Pennsylvania. The CON-SPACE Rescue Probe was responsible for allowing the nine miners trapped 240 ft. below ground to tell the outside world that all of them were alive. This exposure has translated into increased exposure within the mining industry, which in turn has translated into increased sales.

Mr. Ibbetson stated, The opportunities within the mining industry are currently at an apex and the reasons are two-fold: Firstly, mining companies have become more safety conscious and realize that much of the rescue communication technology found in their mines is decades old and is in serious need of replacement. Secondly, there has been a huge influx of monies into mining and exploration worldwide due to the rise in price of precious metals. In Canada alone, there was more than $3 Billion invested in 2003 into junior mining and exploration companies. This tells us that there will be many more mines created in the near future which will invariably lead to an increase in demand for CON-SPACE products.

Currently, Mine Rescue is heavily regulated by the Mine Safety & Health Administration (Herein MSHA). In order to be a true player in this space, MSHA approval is a requisite. CON-SPACE’s CSI-2000 Base Kits have had MSHA Approval Rating since the Mid-1990’s as a result of CON-SPACEs extensive Intrinsic Safe knowledge and approvals (which allow kits to be used in any explosive atmosphere). As a testament to CON-SPACEs technology, the MSHA purchased their own CON-SPACE Systems in 2002 as a result of the Quecreek, PA Mine Rescue.

Two specific kits have been created to meet the demands of the Mine Rescue Community. Each kit includes at least 1000′ of Hardline Communication Cable and is compatible with any make or model of Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) the mine operators use. Hardline Communication has been recognized as an important safety feature for Mine Rescue Applications, especially during underground fires where visibility is non-existent and the safety of the 5-man rescue team depends on clear communication.

Demand for CON-SPACE products within the mining industry is not restricted to Underground Mine Rescue. CON-SPACE has been able to establish itself in other niche markets which, as a result, has seen its products sold to mines for use in above ground situations including HAZMAT and Confined Space Rescue scenarios, thus the potential in this market is even greater than first envisaged.

There are currently 149 Underground Mine Rescue Teams in the USA alone that participate in various Regional and National Mine Rescue Challenges. Throughout 2004, CON-SPACE plans to promote the CON-SPACE Mine Rescue Kits at Regional and National Mine Rescue Challenges held around the USA, including the popular MINExpo International, which is held every four years.

CON-SPACE is pleased to be involved with the tightly knit Underground Mine Rescue Team community and looks forward to many years of growth and mutual product development within this huge global industry.

This press release is available on the Company’s on-line Investor Relations site for investor commentary, feedback and questions. Investors are invited to visit http://www.agoracom.com and select the CON-SPACE Information and Contact Forum, or link directly to it at http://www.agoracom.com/nonmemforum/main.asp?topic=Con%2DSpace+Communications&tr.

Investors are also invited to e-mail any questions regarding the Company directly to CCB@Agoracom.com Investors can also use this address to request being added to the CON-SPACE investor e-mail list.

About CON-SPACE Communications Ltd. http://www.con-space.com

CON-SPACE is recognized worldwide as the leading designer and manufacturer of specialized voice communication equipment used by Police, Fire, Rescue, Government Agencies, Militaries, Municipalities and general industry. The Company has distribution throughout North America, Great Britain, Australia, and parts of Asia, South America, and Europe. The Company also supplies many other manufacturers with Private Labeled products.


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