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SEBA BEACH, Alta. – A peace officer had to be hospitalized after being exposed to fentanyl in a small community west of Edmonton.

The Alberta Peace Officer Professional Association says a member of the Seba Beach Patrol Service found a vial on a road last Saturday. Wearing gloves, he reportedly picked up the vial.

After returning to the office he started having breathing problems and an increased heart rate.

He was taken to hospital and given naloxone and is now back at work. CMP were brought in to investigate and officers found traces of fentanyl on the dashboard of the peace officer’s car and on his ticket books.

On Wednesday, notices were posted around Seba Beach warning residents and visitors about what happened.


“Please if you find anything suspicious on the road, call 911 and do not touch the object even with gloves on,” reads the notice. “Even a small amount of fentanyl (size of a grain of salt) can cause problems with breathing, cardiac arrest and death if not treated right away.”

The note goes on to caution people to have a talk with children about what they should do if they find anything suspicious.

Seba Beach is a summer village about 80 kilometres west of Edmonton.

The community’s website says it employs peace officers who work closely with RCMP to keep the public safe.

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