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Safety-Gloves Advice in the Palm of Your Hands

March 18, 2015
By Avenue Industrial Supply Co. Ltd.

Personal protective equipment, including safety gloves, is not only a wise investment for an employer to make for its employees; it’s also the law.

The Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations require workers in Canada to wear personal protective equipment, such as safety hats, glasses or hearing protection, when performing hazardous work, in order to prevent bodily injury or harm.

In particular, the manufacturing of safety gloves has made significant technological advancements elevating its level of fit, form and function. Safety gloves are now engineered to act as a second skin, with improved dexterity, durability and material fabrication when performing work requiring precise hand movements.

The performance of safety gloves is critical to ensure protection from abrasions, burns or chemicals of liquid or gases, which can penetrate through and damage the skin.

Protect your hands, fingers and nails with the following advice, which fits like a glove, to make your industrial applications safe and seamless.

When in doubt, throw it out: disposable gloves

Specifically designed for one-time-use applications, disposable gloves are an inexpensive and practical safety-glove solution. Flexible and thinner materials of disposable gloves provide greater sensitivity and dexterity.

A chemical imbalance in reverse: chemical-resistant gloves

Chemical-resistant gloves offer protection against a wide range of chemicals, including liquids, vapours and gases. Chemical-resistant gloves are also an ideal choice to shield hands from abrasions and cuts.

The universal standard: general-purpose gloves

General-purpose gloves also protect from abrasions and cuts, as well as serving as a comfortable guard against getting scratched from hard or rough surfaces.

Tough as old leather gloves

A classic material that protects hands from abrasions and low-to-moderate heat, leather is reliably durable, comfortable and breathable.

Get palm protection with coated gloves

As an alternative to leather, coated gloves not only safeguard against abrasions and cuts, but they also protect hands from possible punctures. Coated gloves also have a unique, additional coating on the palms of the gloves, which is a mix of synthetic materials boosting its glove grip.

Kick cuts to the curb with Kevlar® gloves

Kevlar® is the trademark of the synthetic fibre called aramid. This specialized glove provides even greater abrasion and resistance to sharp objects superior to other materials because of its increased strength and durability.

Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Avenue Industrial Supply Co. Ltd. is a leading distributor of industrial supplies, including personal protective equipment.

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