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Enhanced Ladder-Stabilization Product to Reduce Ladder Movement

June 17, 2015
By Monkeyrack Products

BRADENTON, Fla. – Monkeyrack Products LLC is pleased to announce an enhanced ladder-stabilization product capable of delivering life-saving benefits for extension-ladder users.

Extension ladders continue to be one of the most dangerous tools used and misused by workers and homeowners. According to 2011 statistics reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on May 2, 2014, work-related falls from ladders caused 113 deaths and 15,500 nonfatal injuries, with approximately 40 per cent attributed to the ladder moving. Stand Tall, Stand Proud and Stand-Down for Fall Safety is taking on new meaning this year for the Monkeyrack Ladder Stabilization System as it aims to eliminate the most common cause of extension ladder injuries – ladder movement. The “moving ladder” scenario is eliminated by design, as the Monkeyrack Ladder Stabilizer utilizes a vehicle as the ladder anchor by securely attaching to a standard two-inch receiver hitch.

With the recent development of the Patent-Pending Monkeyrack Bolt-on Attachment, the Monkeyrack can now be securely bolted to the receiver hitch, eliminating movement or shifting of the extension ladder. The Monkeyrack removes the extension ladder’s dependence on the ground conditions, and its ground-level installation provides a secure climbing environment from the very first step. The design of the Monkeyrack Ladder Stabilizer automatically sets the extension ladder at the recommended angle, provides a user-friendly installation of three to five minutes and significantly exceeds the recommended points of contact.

“Through implementation of innovative safety products and a renewal of our commitment to our country’s hard-working people, together, we can successfully achieve the goal set forth by NIOSH Director Dr. John Howard, stating that, ‘No child should lose a parent, no wife should lose a husband and no worker should lose their life in a preventable fall,’” states Julie Spicer, president of Monkeyrack Products LLC. “Consumer demand for innovative safety products became the driving force that contributed to the Monkeyrack Ladder Stabilizer to be awarded the People’s Choice Award for Innovation for Fall Protection at the ASSE/ISHN Safety 2014 Conference.”

Designed for durability and strength, the heavy-duty steel construction of the Monkeyrack Ladder Stabilizer exclusively facilitates the use of a safety harness attached directly to the extension ladder, providing a second layer of fall protection, while also accommodating the utilization of a full range of standard fall-protection devices, as deemed necessary. Visit www.monkeyrack.com for more information.

Founded in 2009, Bradenton, Florida-based Monkeyrack Products is a small family business dedicated to the improvement of ladder safety.

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