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News Compliance & Enforcement Health & Safety Legislation Workers Compensation
August 9, 2016  

High increase in WCB claims from Alberta farming industry since last year

News Health & Safety Transportation
August 2, 2016  

Two road workers killed in rollover of highway paving equipment

News Hazmat Health & Safety Occupational Hygiene
August 2, 2016  

Businesses, homes evacuated after accidental gas leak at construction site

News Compliance & Enforcement Health & Safety
July 26, 2016  

Ministry issues orders after roofing worker injured in fall

News Compliance & Enforcement Environment/Climate Change Hazmat Health & Safety
July 26, 2016  

Nuclear Safety Commission investigating alleged dangers in unsigned letter

News Compliance & Enforcement Health & Safety Occupational Hygiene
July 19, 2016  

Mail carrier attacked by pit bulls in north Montreal suburb

News Compliance & Enforcement Health & Safety Human Resources
July 19, 2016  

Union demands larger investigation into reporter suicide

News Hazmat Health & Safety
July 12, 2016  

Gas tank explodes at recycling plant, but no one injured

News Health & Safety Workers Compensation
July 12, 2016  

Workplace safety association for Saskatchewan’s First Nations founded

News Hazmat Health & Safety Human Resources Occupational Hygiene
July 5, 2016  

Defence Department employees moving to building with asbestos

News Health & Safety
June 28, 2016  

Two Canadian mining fatalities in Mexico occur within days

News Hazmat Health & Safety Legislation Occupational Hygiene
June 28, 2016  

Unions support bill on registry for occupational disease

News Health & Safety Occupational Hygiene Workers Compensation
June 24, 2016  

Supreme Court finds in favour of medical workers claiming workplace cancer

News Young Workers
June 23, 2016  

Companies will have to step up work life balance policies as young people enter workforce

News Health & Safety
June 23, 2016  

Rock fall accident kills contract worker at Canadian owned mine in Mexico

News Health & Safety
June 22, 2016  

Worker, 35, killed while dismantling crane at business in Ontario