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Judge reviewing psychiatric reports for woman found guilty on terror charges

TORONTO – An Ontario judge will review psychiatric reports before handing down a sentence for a woman who draped herself in an ISIL banner and attacked Canadian Tire staff with a golf club and a butcher knife.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Maureen Forestell says she will examine assessments already conducted on Rehab Dughmosh and decide whether any additional ones are required. A sentencing hearing will be held at a later date.

Dughmosh was convicted last week of several terror charges in connection with the June 2017 attack at a Canadian Tire in an east Toronto mall.

She was also found guilty on another charge related to a failed attempt to join ISIL in Syria.

An agreed statement of facts read in court last week – the only evidence presented in the case – said Dughmosh began contemplating an attack in Toronto about a year after her return from that trip.


The document says she built an arsenal of makeshift weapons but her estranged husband confiscated them at the last minute and she was forced to change her plans.

Dughmosh, who represented herself and participated only minimally in her trial, underwent psychiatric assessments that found her fit to stand trial and responsible for her actions.

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1 Comment » for Judge reviewing psychiatric reports for woman found guilty on terror charges
  1. Bob says:

    This woman who attacked people in the Canadian Tire store was fully aware of what she was doing, and it was a deliberate attempted terror attack. Nobody was injured this time, but it could have been very bad. It is time our government, lawmakers and politicians stand up and make them pay the consequences for their actions and not feel sorry for them. If these terror-minded people don’t like our way of life and the lifestyle in Canada, they are free to leave like anyone else. They are not being forced to live here and do not have the right to attack innocent citizens in Canada because of what is going on somewhere else. If a few more were deported or put in jail for life, it may deter others from doing the same. It is time to stop protecting the criminals and protect the law-abiding citizens.

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