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A-SAFE, Workplace Safety Solutions, Bring Cutting-Edge Safety Solutions and Unrivalled Service To Canada

April 1, 2023

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Photo: A-SAFE

A-SAFE, a global leader in industrial safety solutions, has recently announced its expansion into the Canadian market. Boasting over 35 years of experience in the field, A-SAFE has established a reputation for pioneering workplace safety. Their products, including barriers, bollards, and smart impact technology, are designed to protect people, machinery, and property in various industries.

As A-SAFE launched its Canadian operations, it brought with it the promise of improved safety and efficiency to workplaces across the country. With industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and transportation growing in the previous 12 months, A-SAFE’s solutions are poised to make a significant impact in these sectors throughout Canada.

Supplying innovative safety solutions to the biggest brands in the world, A-SAFE has proven to be a customer-first operation. With new products often developed alongside bespoke needs and experiences, the wide range of solutions available have been designed to solve problems faced by modern facilities.

Fernando Ventresca, MD of A-SAFE Canada, commented on the expansion, stating, “A-SAFE is a market-leading brand that has earned a fantastic reputation in its core markets for providing customers with the most innovative, leading-edge solutions that maximise efficiency and ensure safety for workplaces across a wide range of sectors, from warehousing and logistics to manufacturing, airports, and automotive.”

Ventresca continued, “My aim now is to build on this successful platform and help take the A-SAFE brand to a new level in Canada. Our market was previously serviced by our USA entity, but with our investment in a new sales team and a dedicated Canada headquarters in Ontario, it highlights A-SAFE’s commitment to providing the best service to the Canadian market on a local level.”


He added, “This is a fantastic opportunity to show potential customers across Canada how A-SAFE’s solutions can add value to their operations and help them create the safest and most advanced workplaces in partnership with us.”

With the launch of their Canadian operations, A-SAFE is bringing its expertise to new customers across the country, providing them with the same cutting-edge technology and unrivalled customer service that have made them the first choice for safety solutions in other parts of the world. From manufacturing plants to logistics centres, A-SAFE is committed to making workplaces safer and more efficient.

Canada is known for a diverse range of industries, including manufacturing, logistics, agri-food processing, and the automotive sector, all of which can benefit from A-SAFE’s solutions.

The manufacturing industry, a key sector within Canada, encompasses a range of sub-sectors, from automotive and aerospace to food and beverage production. A-SAFE’s range of pedestrian safety solutions and asset protection products can offer industry-leading defence, which can help reduce the risk of harm and fatality to workers across Canada and also keep businesses running smoothly and efficiently by reducing the risk of damage to vital machinery and vehicles.

A-SAFE has supported the world’s leading brands in creating a safer and more efficient workplace; these include DHL, Nike, Coca-Cola, and Toyota, plus many more. Believing in a problem solved, A-SAFE’s ethos is to work collaboratively with their customers, designing products that best meet their needs.

A brand you can trust, A-SAFE tests its products within their industry-leading testing facilities, ensuring that their products performance is of the highest quality. Accredited by the world’s leading safety testing bodies, ensure that all testing is approved by the most stringent of regulations. Their investment in the latest testing equipment and dedicated teams and facilities showcases their attitude towards doing things the right way, and A-SAFE certainly does things the right way.

Their products are manufactured on-site within their expansive facilities in the United Kingdom, using the best machinery on the market to ensure a high-quality product that performs when it is needed, every time it is needed.

The advanced polymer materials used in A-SAFE products provide a wide range of benefits, including a high rate of return on investment. This is because of the innovative design of the products and the flexible nature of the polymer, which reduces the risk of damage to the barrier itself, the concrete foundations, and the vehicles that impact it, unlike that of steel alternatives.

In addition to barriers and bollards, A-SAFE has recently launched its intelligent impact detection technology for use with racking within warehouses. The technology provides real insight into racking impacts through single or multi-facilities. The release of this technology is the latest innovation to come from A-SAFE’s development and is the start of the next generation of products available.

A-SAFE’s Canadian expansion marks the opening of the seventeenth office globally, with the safety solutions brand helping the biggest brands around the world in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, America, and now Canada.

When it comes to safety, there is no room for compromise. With A-SAFE barriers, you can be confident that your employees and assets are protected, no matter what.

To learn more about A-SAFE, their innovative safety solutions, and their industry-leading processes, visit www.asafe.com today.


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