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The MSA ALTAIR io™ 4 Gas Detection Wearable delivers real-time visibility to help drive safety and productivity across workers, worksites, and workflows.

ALTAIR io 4 features:
  • Cutting-edge, CAT-M LTE cellular connectivity
  • Automatic integration with MSA Grid cloud-based software
  • Over-the-air (OTA) updates
  • Automatic bump test and calibration
  • MSA id digital device assignment
  • Rugged, durable design and industry-leading XCell® sensors
The ALTAIR io 4 is part of the MSA Connected Work Platform.
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Superior Glove’s free, flexible onsite services reduce and eliminate hand injuries to ensure worker safety
  • Hand Safety Program: Address all safety controls, not only PPE with a comprehensive hand safety overhaul
  • Glove Safety Assessment: Get quick help with PPE selection and teamwide glove trials for task specific solutions
  • Free resources: Personalized recommendations, in-depth training, extensive safety resources, and more
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ESG has been around for a while, but understanding of the concept runs the spectrum from a vague idea that it has something to do with trees and diversity to not even knowing what the letters stand for. Environmental and social governance (ESG) is a powerful framework for the same reason it is challenging to tackle: It is broad. Very broad. We will clear the fog in an accessible, non-technical way and then move on to the next most important topic: figuring out what to do with ESG and how you fit in. We'll also discuss some options to engage depending on your role and other factors specific to your organization.

ESG defined in practical terms
Where ESG came from
Why you should care about ESG
The power and challenge of managing ESG
ESG leadership
Organizational functions key to ESG
Coordination and collaboration
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It can be challenging to manage an employee’s return after a disability leave. The reintegration process during their first days and weeks can be tricky. We partnered with Ipsos research to survey Canadian employers about their return to work experiences and have important information you can use to develop your organization’s re-onboarding process.

Join us to learn:
  • The key obstacles faced by employees and employers.
  • What employees find most valuable in ensuring a successful reintegration after returning from a leave.
  • Opportunities and resources to help you create a work environment that optimizes the chances of a successful, sustainable experience.
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Hand injuries are the #1 preventable industrial accident around the globe. But if they’re so preventable, why are they so common? Attend this webinar to learn how to build the foundation for an effective safety program that can protect your workforce from hand injuries. Ask your hand safety questions live and Kayla will answer as many as possible.
  • Understand what the most successful hand safety programs have in common
  • Get practical processes and tactics for creating a hand safety program that promotes safe behavior among workers
  • Learn how to identify and overcome common barriers to using hand protection and increase compliance
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