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Discover the new benchmark in safety with the revised and expanded version of REThinking Hand Safety! Dive deeper into proven strategies, learn how to reduce injuries, and encourage team and leadership buy-in. Available in audio and ebook version.
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Setting up a jobsite for your workday shouldn’t take all day. The completely toolless installation of MSA's Cable Temporary Horizontal Lifeline helps save time and increase efficiency when setting up lifelines. The integrated locking and tensioning mechanism on the handle eliminates the need for nuts, bolts and wrenches, allowing for install that is 75% faster than traditional cable systems. Experience the simple and efficient install of MSA’s Cable THLL for yourself with a demo.
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American Lock’s top-selling lightweight, solid aluminum padlocks were an industry breakthrough when introduced and continue to be a top seller. The padlocks can stand up to caustic environments and are best for utility storage areas, sheds, gates, and outbuildings, lockout/tagout use; A designated lock and key that is unique to each employee. By using the free LifeGuard key charting system, you can record all the safety padlock key codes assigned to your facility and prevent unwanted key duplication, which can jeopardize your lockout tagout program.

For more information, please contact your local IDN-Canada location.
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Not all safety gloves protect equally. Gloves designed for one type of hazard may not sufficiently protect against another, even though they may look similar. So, how do you determine which gloves offer the right level of protection for your workers?

Join Superior Glove's webinar that will explain ANSI standards that are widely used to provide guidelines for hand protection. The webinar will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the standards and how to apply them to select the right hand protection for your specific needs.

In this webinar:
  • Get comprehensive coverage of ANSI standards for hand safety
  • Understand cut, impact, heat, puncture, and abrasion standards
  • Ask live questions to Superior Glove's hand safety expert
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Fall protection solutions including harnesses, self-retracting devices (SRDs), anchors, and engineered systems are all important components of a comprehensive safety program. Understanding the latest updates to industry standards can also help ensure that you and your team are compliant, and properly choosing and using fall protection equipment.

Join MSA fall protection experts on November 16th for an overview of recent changes to the CSA Z259 standards to learn more about:
  • CSA Z259 Committee goals and processes
  • Key highlights of the latest standard and important changes
  • How changes to the standard impact you and the products you use
  • Trends for future CSA standard evolution Following the webinar, you’ll have a better understanding of why industry standards matter to you and your team, and how to determine the best fall protection solutions for your worksite or facility.
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