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Protecting roadside workers: Alberta gears up for new rules coming in September

New legislation gives snowplow operators and roadside maintenance teams the same legislated protection as first responders, tow truck operators and construction crews, among other changes.

Siding contractor in Ottawa fined $75,000 after worker slipped on ice, fell off platform

The worker slipped on the ice, fell and rolled toward the wall of the home, and fell about 4.9 metres through the gap between the platform and the wall.

A crane worker died in B.C.. Investigations followed. What's changed?

Dockworkers at a Lower Mainland container port are still climbing cranes without working elevators despite an initial federal investigation that identified serious safety issues after a worker’s death.

CTV News reporter seriously injured after being struck by vehicle while covering crash scene

Stephanie Villella was on scene at the accident site, in an area that had been closed by police, when she was struck.

Ontario expands WCB cancer coverage for firefighters

Changes will make it faster and easier for these 'heroes and their families' to access the compensation and supports they deserve for thyroid and pancreatic cancers, province said.


The NEW Dräger X-am® 2800: Always On Duty. For Your Safety.

The X-am 2800 multi-gas detector measures up to four gases and is equipped with a shock-resistant CatEx sensor. With the Dräger Gas Detection Connect software, it offers live monitoring and powerful fleet management. Designed for personal monitoring, the X-am 2800 offers the highest level of safety at a low cost of ownership.

Why choose our X-am® 2800:
  • Networking capability provides safety and efficiency
  • Detection of flammable gases and vapours as well as O2, CO, NO2, SO2 and H2S
  • Approved for use in Ex zone 0 - tested according to protection class IP 68.
  • Drop Test Certification: 2.5 m (on concrete)
  • 4-year manufacturer's warranty on the basic device
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Ohio rail disaster fallout: How to respond to a toxic catastrophe near your workplace

While the sight of the toxic plume emanating from the rail disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, was terrifying for local residents, some Canadians looked to the sky with a bit of consternation. » Read More...

Welding, cutting and grinding: Minimize risks associated with occasional hot work

Employers or workers who continually work with machinery or tools where hot work is common are well versed on the potential for fire and explosion and understand the importance of safety processes and procedures. » Read More...
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Ultra-thin maximum cut protection

Introducing Superior Glove’s thinnest gloves featuring the industry’s highest-level ANSI A9 cut protection. Optimized for touch sensitivity, dexterity, and touchscreen compatibility, they’re ideal for precision tasks that require extreme cut resistance. Engineered at their Canadian headquarters and manufactured in their facilities.
  • TenActiv™ S21TX: Uncoated for standalone use or as a liner
  • TenActiv™ S21TXUFN: Foam nitrile palm coating for steady wet grip
  • TenActiv™ S21TXUGFN: Hi-viz with foam nitrile palm coating
  • TenActiv™ S21TXUFNLTC: Reinforced thumb crotch and foam nitrile palm coating
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'A crime waiting to happen': Furour grows over train crash in Greece as death toll rises

Railway workers’ associations called strikes, halting national rail services and the subway in Athens to protest working conditions and what they described as a dangerous failure to modernize the rail system. » Read More...

'Havana syndrome' report won't undermine U.S. support for victims: White House

U.S. intelligence officials say they have found no single cause for the hundreds of cases of brain-related injuries reported by foreign emissaries and their staff in Cuba since 2017. » Read More...

Ohio senators ready rail safety bill after fiery crash

Railroads like the one involved in last month’s fiery crash and toxic chemical release in Ohio would be subject to a series of new federal safety regulations and financial consequences under proposed legislation. » Read More...


How leadership behaviours facilitate psychologically safe workplaces

Leaders must understand psychologically safe workplaces and learn how their behaviours can be protective or hazardous factors to their employees. » Read More...

Dangerous selfies aren’t just foolish. We need to treat them like the public health hazard they really are

Selfies have been called everything from an artform to narcissistic and a sign of a dysfunctional society. They can also kill. » Read More...


PPE for Women: Join OHS Canada for the free virtual event

Research from the CSA Group found just six per cent of Canadian women say the personal protective equipment (PPE) they wear is designed for them.

That has led them to make troubling modifications, using things like duct tape, to get through the day. This compromises the safety of the workers, as the modifications may be making the PPE less effective.

Join OHS Canada on March 23, 2023, as we bring together experts to address the issue head on and discuss solutions to ensure all workers are getting the proper equipment they need to stay safe on the job. Thanks to our sponsors Avetta; OSG; Public Service Health & Safety Association; Levitt-Safety; and CSA Group for making this event possible. » Reserve your free spot today!

ASSP Safety23 Conference + Expo

Location: San Antonio, Texas
Date: June 4, 2023
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