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Two Toronto utility workers injured working on hydro vault, area power knocked out

Two utility workers were sent to hospital after they were injured while working in a Toronto Hydro cable chamber, officials said Saturday, referring to an incident that knocked out power to a small area near the city's harbourfront.


Reduce costs related to lost-time claims with onsite clinics

An onsite clinic can help you avoid injuries, provide prompt care when workers are injured and offer onsite assistance for recovering workers.

Ontario farmers call for improved mental health support amidst unique challenges

Farmers in Ontario, a minority group facing distinct challenges, are advocating for enhanced mental health services as they grapple with isolation, stigma, and occupational stressors.

Commercial trucks in B.C. to have mandatory speed limiters starting April 5

Heavy commercial vehicles now have digital technology activated to help moderate their speeds on B.C. highways, according to the provincial government. The mandatory use of speed-limiter devices came into effect on April 5, 2024, as announced by the Province in December 2023.

Workers had little warning as Maryland bridge collapsed, raising concerns over safety, communication

In the moments before the cargo ship Dali rammed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge and sent it crumbling into the water, a flurry of urgent warnings crackled over radios and enabled police to block traffic from getting on the span, likely saving lives. But those warnings seemingly didn’t reach the six construction workers who were killed in the collapse of the Baltimore bridge.

Global Asbestos Awareness Week puts spotlight on workplace dangers

Last week was Global Asbestos Awareness Week, and the Saskatchewan government used it as an opportunity to raise awareness about the dangers of asbestos in the workplace.

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Elevate Your Safety Standards with Dräger X-act® 7000

Upgrade safety with the Dräger X-act® 7000, a precise, efficient, and simple-to-use multi-gas detector. Features include low ppb detection, selective testing with Dräger MicroTubes, ATEX/IECEx Zone 0 certification, IP54 dust/splash resistance, easy 3-button control, color display, and remote sampling up to 45 meters. Trust in Dräger for unparalleled protection. » Discover Now!

'Robocops' at work: Atwill-Morin rolling out exoskeletons on construction sites

Construction firm Atwill-Morin, which has locations across Ontario and Quebec, has purchased a dozen exoskeletons in what it called a "step forward" for the safety of its workers. The exoskeletons will gradually make their appearance on the company's worksites, particularly in the Quebec City and Capitale Nationale regions, it said. » Read More...

Labour ministers from across Canada tackle workplace safety at B.C. meeting

Federal, provincial and territorial labour ministers from across Canada met on Friday in Richmond, B.C. to address ongoing and emergent workplace safety issues. The gathering marked a collaborative effort to harmonize safety standards and labour regulations nationally. » See the Photos
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The new standard of dexterity has arrived

Experience uninhibited movement, comfort, and touch sensitivity that protects against cut hazards with Superior Glove’s S21TX line of TenActiv™ safety gloves.

  • Cut Resistance: Meets the highest ANSI A9 cut resistance standards, ensuring protection against cut hazards in high-risk tasks
  • Touchscreen Compatibility: Designed for modern work environments, they allow for seamless interaction with touchscreen devices, enhancing productivity without the need to remove them
  • Food Safety Compliance: For tasks in food processing, these gloves are compliant with food safety regulations, maintaining hygiene and safety in food handling

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Farmworker who survived mass shooting at Northern California mushroom farm sues company and owner

A migrant farmworker who survived a mass shooting last year at a Northern California mushroom farm has filed a lawsuit against the farm and one of its owners, saying they failed to keep him safe from the colleague who authorities say committed the killings, the worker and his attorneys said Friday. » Read More...

Israel says its strike that killed aid workers was a mistake. Rights groups say it was no anomaly

Two basic mistakes, according to the Israeli military. First, officers overlooked a message detailing the vehicles in the convoy. Second, a spotter saw someone boarding one car, carrying something – possibly a bag – that he thought was a weapon. Officials say the result was the series of Israeli drone strikes that killed seven aid workers on a dark Gaza road. » Read More...

An engine cover on a Southwest Airlines plane rips off, forcing the flight to return to Denver

A Southwest Airlines jet returned to Denver Sunday morning after the engine cover fell off and struck the wing flap during takeoff, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. » Read More...


Are you sitting too long in your office job? South African study offers some health tips

Sedentary behaviour can result in chronic health conditions such as obesity and heart diseases, bad news for the millions of office workers who are forced to sit behind their desks every day. In its simplest form, the term “sedentary behaviour” describes sitting for too long and not breaking this up with movement. » Read More...

Your child has been prescribed opioids: 7 ways to use them more safely

Imagine your teen has just had surgery. After a few days in hospital, it is time to go home, but their pain is still quite significant. The medical team suggests using acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofen (Advil) first, but knowing that it might not be enough, they prescribe oxycodone as well. » Read More...

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Enhance workplace safety with OHS online courses

Explore a wide range of online occupational health and safety (OHS) courses designed to help employers meet their OHS responsibilities and provide employees with the training they need to enhance workplace safety. The visually focused learning format incorporates a variety of interactive learning activities, review questions, and audio to increase learner engagement and retention. » Learn more...

Make It Safe Okanagan 2024 

April 18, 2024 | Coast Capri Hotel, Kelowna, B.C. » Read More...