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Quebec trucking company ordered to reinstate driver fired for drinking and driving

Labour arbitrator Huguette April says the driver's drinking was from alcoholism — a disability — and that trucking company Groupe Robert should have made a reasonable accommodation for her.

New York City crane collapse linked to company and operator with history of safety violations

As authorities continue to investigate a crane collapse that rained thousands of pounds of steel debris onto a busy Manhattan thoroughfare Wednesday, the owner and operator of the failed crane are facing scrutiny over past safety failures.

Transportation Safety Board begins investigation into plane crash that left six dead in Alberta

The Transportation Safety Board has started its investigation into the cause of a small plane crash that left six people dead in the Rockies west of Calgary.

WorkSafeBC holds average employer premiums flat for 2024

WorkSafeBC announced that the preliminary average base rate for 2024 will remain unchanged at 1.55 per cent of employers’ assessable payroll. Subject to final approvals by WorkSafeBC’s board of directors, this will be the seventh year in a row that the average base rate has remained at this level.

Welding truck explosion in Langley, B.C., felt like an earthquake: witness

An employee at a mall in Langley, B.C., says she heard a giant boom, the ground shook and she thought they were experiencing an earthquake. Instead, RCMP say a welding truck in the mall's parking lot had exploded in flames.

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Dräger X-plore 1950 respirator mask | NIOSH-approved

Respirator mask for construction, DIY, home improvement

Dräger X-plore® 1950 is a NIOSH-approved mask and filters out 95% of particles in the ambient air. Thus, it offers protection for a wide field of applications.
  • Variation: Valved and Non-valved
  • Sizes: Small and Medium/Large

Key Product Features include:
  • Available in two sizes which offers a comfortable option to most wearers
  • SmartFOLD design with patented double reinforcement that provides increased breathing space and a sturdy mask body
  • Provides a high face to mask fit ratio for various face sizes
  • CoolMAX exhalation valve (optional) for low breathing resistance
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'Profoundly awful' fire season: Firefighter killed while battling Donnie Creek wildfire in B.C.

A firefighter has been killed in northeastern British Columbia, marking the second such fatality in the province this month and the fourth in Canada during this year's record fire season. » Read More...

City of Sudbury fined nearly $190K after worker killed by sand spreader

The municipality of Sudbury in Ontario has been fined a total of $187,500 after a worker was killed by a sand spreader. » Read More...

Karen Adams named CEO of WCB Nova Scotia

Saeed El-Darahali, chair of WCB Nova Scotia's board of directors, said her first day on the job as chief executive officer (CEO) will be Aug. 14, 2023. » Read More...
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Experience the freedom of movement and comfort

For a limited time, Superior Glove is offering a free sample box of our thinnest S21TX TenActiv™ line of gloves providing maximum ANSI A9 cut protection. Designed to feel like second skin, they offer unmatched hand mobility and breathability. » Request Samples

10 people died at the Astroworld music festival two years ago. What happens now?

Nearly two years after 10 people were crushed to death during the deadly 2021 Astroworld festival, no charges have been filed — even though some people, including event workers, expressed safety concerns. » Read More...

Police search for driver who intentionally hit 6 migrant workers in North Carolina

Six migrant workers were intentionally hit by an SUV in a Walmart parking lot in North Carolina on Sunday, police said. » Read More...

1 crew member killed in a fire on a cargo ship carrying nearly 3,000 cars in the North Sea

A fire on a freight ship carrying nearly 3,000 cars was burning out of control Wednesday in the North Sea, and the Dutch coast guard said one crew member had died, others were hurt and it was working to save the vessel from sinking close to an important habitat for migratory birds. » Read More...


How to train your body for hot weather if you are active or work outdoors

Global warming is making outdoor activities challenging — especially exercise. Indeed, we have a very small buffer to tolerate an increase in body heat. A rise in core temperature of only three degrees Celcius can be life-threatening, even for young healthy adults. There are several ways to help prevent a perilous rise in core temperature while being physically active in the heat. » Read More...


NSC Safety Congress & Expo

October 20, 2023 | Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans » Read More...