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Editor's Note 
In this week's edition, we're spotlighting summer safety. Check out our featured reads for a refresher on how to keep your people safe, no matter how hot, humid, hazy, or smokey conditions get. Stay safe, sunscreened, and hydrated!
- Brandi Cowen, Editor

Plastics plant owner asks for time to comply with federal orders to end benzene leaks

The owners of a Sarnia, Ont., plastics plant that has been emitting dangerous levels of the cancer-causing chemical benzene for years say they need more time to comply with tougher federal rules introduced in mid-May.

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Employers must secure internal competencies to facilitate workplace mental health

This article outlines the urgency for employers to prepare team members to facilitate workplace mental health strategies and programs and introduces the three-step D3 Model for Psychological Health.

Inquest into the death of New Brunswick scrapyard worker begins this week

A coroner’s inquest is being conducted into the death of a 60-year-old man who died from injuries sustained while working at the American Iron and Metal scrapyard in Saint John, N.B., almost two years ago. Deputy chief coroner Michael Johnston and a jury will hear evidence from witnesses to determine the facts surrounding Darrell Richards' death on July 1, 2022.

Recycling facility fined $60K after mechanic’s death

Revital Polymers Inc. has been fined $60,000 after a mechanic was fatally injured while replacing a faulty hydraulic hose on a forklift.

Union members and allies mark Injured Workers’ Day in locations across Ontario

The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) supported several events across Ontario on June 1, as injured workers and their allies marked Injured Workers’ Day in the province.

SK preparing youth to enter the job market safely

As the school year comes to an end, Saskatchewan’s Young Worker Readiness Certificate Course (YWRCC) is helping youth prepare to perform their summer jobs safely. The free online course provides youth with information about workplace health and safety, minimum employment standard legislation and workplace rights and responsibilities.

J.J. Keller's Safety Professional of the Year Award now accepting nominations

J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc., a North American provider of safety and regulatory compliance solutions, is now accepting applications for the 2024 J. J. Keller Safety Professional of the Year (SPOTY) Awards. The annual award recognizes environmental health and safety professionals who go above and beyond their daily duties to achieve excellence in safety for their companies.

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Stay Safe, Breathe Safe: The Ultimate Wildfire Respiratory Protection Kit

Dräger’s Wildland Respiratory Kit contains all the necessary items you need for long lasting protection under tough conditions.
  • Designed for those living and working in the vicinity of wildfires or bushfires.
  • Comfortable: Easy respiration with low resistance
  • Well-fitting: Optimal fit for any face. Different sizes possible
Kit contains the Dräger twin filter half mask X-plore 3500, 2 P100 particle filters, a carrying bag and cleaning wipes for easy maintenance » Learn more

Heat up your safety game: Tips to keep cool in the summer sun

With warmer weather arriving across Canada, we’ll soon be in the thick of summer heat. That means employers, and workers, need to prepare to avoid heat-related illnesses in the workplace. While this is no surprise, it is worth mentioning that heat-related hazards can, and do, pop up much more unexpectedly than many of the predictable occupational hazards that are seen year-round. » Read More...

Dehydration is a silent summertime hazard

Working in the heat and blazing sun is tough on both the mind and the body. Did you know that in severe cases, a person can actually die due to overheating? It’s all about dehydration, and every worker and site supervisor needs to be aware of the causes, prevention measures, and emergency procedures. » Read More...

AI can help forecast air quality, but freak events like wildfire smoke require traditional methods too

In most cities, it’s easy to find a daily air quality index score that tells you when the air is considered unhealthy or even hazardous. However, predicting air quality in the days ahead isn’t so simple. » Read More
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Aim Low. Reduce and Eliminate with a Hand Safety Program

Superior Glove offers a free, onsite Hand Safety Program for safety professionals who want to completely overhaul hand safety at their company and address all safety controls, not only PPE

  • Onsite engagement: Direct communication with workers, not just observation, to understand and solve their challenges
  • Actionable reports: Actionable hand safety reports address all safety controls, not only PPE
  • ANSI recommendations: All PPE recommendations based on ANSI standards for easy use with preferred suppliers and manufacturers
  • Training and support: Assistance provided in deploying and implementing solutions with free resources, training, and supplier support

See if you qualify and get started today! » Learn more

Boeing tells U.S. regulators how it plans to fix aircraft safety and quality problems

Boeing officials explained their plan to improve manufacturing quality and safety during a three-hour meeting with U.S. federal officials, who will continue restrictions they placed on the company after one of its jetliners suffered a blowout of a fuselage panel in January. Federal Aviation Administration chief Mike Whitaker said the plan is comprehensive and includes encouraging Boeing employees to speak up about safety concerns. » Read More...

Ohio explosion caused by cut gas line thought to be turned off, investigators say

A crew working in the basement area of an Ohio building intentionally cut a gas line not knowing it was pressurized before a deadly explosion last week, according to the National Transportation Safety Board. The explosion on the afternoon of May 28 blew out much of the ground floor of Realty Tower, killing a bank employee and injuring several others. » Read More...


Work-related health and safety issues must be paid for by employers, not the public

Workplace health should be a priority for everyone. For employees, maintaining health and well-being at work is essential because we spend so much of our lives working. For employers, worker health is an important determinant of productivity. » Read More...

Disaster communications can be more effective when using different messaging strategies

In the past two decades, disasters have left a devastating impact, claiming over a million lives and causing nearly US$3 trillion in global economic losses, according to the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction. When responding to disasters, disaster relief organizations (DROs) play a crucial role by mobilizing physical resources such as food and water to help impacted communities. But during times of crisis, information resources are just as important as these physical resources. » Read More...

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Enhance Workplace Safety with Canadian Red Cross OHS Online Courses

Help meet regulatory requirements and boost workplace safety with our comprehensive online Occupational Health and Safety courses. Designed for optimal engagement, these courses empower your team. Explore interactive, multimedia learning today. » Learn more