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Number of workers killed on the job is 10 times higher than official reports: WHSC

Well in excess of 2,000 Ontarians died last year as a result of traumatic incidents and hazardous exposures at work, according to estimates supported by research evidence, it said.

NB Power cuts ties with private instructor for driving truck into federal picketers

Video shows a heavy NB Power truck driving into a group of federal public service picketers and pushing one down the street. The driver was contracted from an unnamed private company to train truck drivers.

Vale wins John T. Ryan Trophy for workplace safety at two of its Canadian mines

Two of Vale's Canadian mines have been recognized for excellence in safety by the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM).

Stop work order remains in effect at Cape Breton mine as fire investigation continues

Nova Scotia's Labour Department says a stop-work order remains in effect as the investigation continues into the cause of a weekend fire at a Cape Breton coal mine.

Quebec flooding: Two firefighters missing northeast of capital, states of emergency

The firefighters were swept away while helping two residents near St-Urbain, Que., around 100 kilometres northeast of the provincial capital.


The NEW Dräger X-am® 2800/5800 Connected Multi-Gas Detectors

Please join us for an exciting webinar on Dräger X-am 2800 & Dräger X-am 5800, our latest Multi-Gas Detectors. We will cover the following information:
  • The new features of our new multi-gas detectors Drager X-am 2800 and Drager X-am 5800.
  • How our new multi-gas detectors are integrated into the Drager Smart Safety Solution.
  • Benefits and advantages to use the new multi-gas detectors in your facilities.
In addition, we will discuss the new approvals for multi-gas detectors as IP68 and CSA for Canada, and finally a Q&A session with our participants.

Date & Time:
Wednesday, May 17, 2023
  • English: 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. (Eastern Time)
  • French: 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (Eastern Time)
» Learn More

Managing safety in a smart manufacturing setting: A safety manager's guide

Smart manufacturing is revolutionizing the way businesses operate, and it has a significant impact on workplace safety. » Read More...

Cones of shame: Montreal officials vow to cut down ubiquitous construction cones

The city's ubiquitous traffic cones have become an unofficial symbol of the city: miniature versions are sold as souvenirs and toys, and residents dress up as cones for Halloween. It's fun, but also a safety hazard as they start to blend into the background. » Read More...
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Hand protection against impact injuries

Protect your workers’ hands with Superior Glove’s innovative impact resistant gloves designed with ergonomic protection to maximize safety and comfort.
  • TenActiv™ STXFNVB: Industry’s first knit gloves to feature maximum Level 3 impact protection. These high cut-resistant gloves are the most dexterous Level 3 impact gloves on the market.
  • Endura® 378GCXVB: For workers who require impact and extreme cut resistance, we’ve added a flexible Level 2 impact bumper to our maximum A9 cut-resistant leather gloves.
  • TenActiv™ STAGBLPVB: For environments with wet or oily work surfaces, these cut-resistant Level 1 impact protection knit gloves feature leather ErgoHyde palms that maximize grip and durability.
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Attacks on delivery drivers in U.S. add fears among gig workers

A homeowner fired shots at a couple's car when they mistakenly turned onto his property while making an Instacart delivery. A Florida man was charged with killing and dismembering an Uber Eats delivery driver who brought food to his home. A woman was kidnapped and sexually assaulted while making a DoorDash delivery to a hotel. » Read More...

2 dead in collapsed dump site at Indonesia nickel plant

Two bodies have been recovered following the collapse of a nickel waste disposal site in Indonesia, in the latest of a series of deadly accidents at Chinese-owned nickel smelting plants on the Southeast Asian country's Sulawesi island, officials said. » Read More...

Man killed in Chicago-area petroleum plant blast was also wrestling coach

The Will County Coroner's Office said Dru Worker, 25, of Homewood, Illinois, was killed in an explosion at Seneca Petroleum Co. » Read More...


National Day of Mourning offers Canada a chance to rethink worker health and safety

Canadians go to work each day expecting to return home safely, but for too many workers and their families, this expectation is unrealistic. According to the Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada, there were 1,081 workplace fatalities in 2021 alone. » Read More...

Acetaminophen overdose is a leading cause of liver injury, but it is largely preventable

As a liver specialist and pharmacists, we have cared for hundreds of people with acetaminophen overdoses and worked for years to raise awareness of the dangers of both accidental and intentional overdose. » Read More...

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The Power of Choice in Protective Clothing Programs

Harness the many benefits of offering a wide selection of arc-rated and flame resistant (AR/FR) clothing through Tyndale.
  • Unmatched comfort, style, and protection
  • Widest selection of AR/FR clothing for men and women
  • Quick shipment from our vast inventory
Since 1981, Tyndale’s customizable managed AR/FR clothing programs have set the standard for service, solving companies’ protective clothing challenges and minimizing risk. With a 99% customer retention rate, Tyndale can be trusted to provide a managed protective apparel program that keeps your employees safe and happy.

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ASSP Safety23 Conference + Expo

June 5, 2023 | San Antonio, Texas »