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Editor's Note 
Did you know today is National Forklift Safety Day? Check out our feature for tips to help keep everyone safe around forklifts, today and every day.
- Brandi Cowen, Editor

Plan ahead to protect workers from extreme heat and wildfire smoke

With summer approaching, WorkSafeBC is urging employers to plan for the health and safety risks that come with extreme heat and exposure to wildfire smoke. These conditions can lead to significant health issues for workers, such as heat exhaustion, heatstroke, and respiratory problems.

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Did you know that gauge can affect glove performance?

Knit safety gloves are typically classified by their gauge, from 7-gauge-21-gauge. But what is glove gauge and how does it affect glove performance?

AIM needs hazardous materials inspection program: jury

A coroner's jury has recommended that American Iron & Metal adopt a hazard inspection program in the wake of a contractor's 2022 death. After a three-day inquest at the Saint John Law Courts, the jury ruled that Darrell Richards' death after a fatal injury at AIM's Saint John scrapyard June 30, 2022, was an accident, and said the company needs to address its approach to safety, communication, purchasing and inspection.

Mine rescue teams leave provincial championship with life-saving skills

The Ontario Mine Rescue Provincial Championship was set to wrap up last weekend at the Fort Williams Gardens where eight teams from Algoma, Kirkland Lake, Sudbury, Onaping, Thunder Bay, Red Lake, Timmins, and southern Ontario competed for the coveted golden hard hat trophy. Shawn Rideout, the chief mine rescue officer at Workplace Safety North, explained how these teams undergo extensive training through Ontario Mine Rescue (OMR), which is a part of Workplace Safety North and operates under the authority of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

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Stay Safe, Breathe Safe: The Ultimate Wildfire Respiratory Protection Kit

Dräger’s Wildland Respiratory Kit contains all the necessary items you need for long lasting protection under tough conditions.
  • Designed for those living and working in the vicinity of wildfires or bushfires.
  • Comfortable: Easy respiration with low resistance
  • Well-fitting: Optimal fit for any face. Different sizes possible
Kit contains the Dräger twin filter half mask X-plore 3500, 2 P100 particle filters, a carrying bag and cleaning wipes for easy maintenance » Learn more

Tips to stay safe on National Forklift Safety Day

Did you know forklifts are involved in about 10 per cent of workplace fatalities and five per cent of serious workplace injuries each year? To mark National Forklift Safety Day on June 11, OHS Canada spoke with Richard Sinclair, technical trainer at Hangcha Canada, for tips to keep everyone safe around forklifts. » Read More...

Workplace safety improvements via deferred prosecution agreements (DPAs)

Canadian occupational health and safety regulators have legal authority and moral responsibility to set, communicate, and enforce workplace safety standards across Canada. The important question is what's the best regulatory model to protect workers on the job and ensure the highest standards of workplace safety. » Read More...

New combustible dust regulations coming for B.C. industries

In British Columbia’s forestry sector, there has been no year in recent history filled with more preventable tragedies than 2012. Between January and April 2012, two separate sawmill explosions killed four people and injured 42 others. The investigations into these explosions found one culprit responsible: combustible dust. » Read More
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Aim Low. Reduce and Eliminate with a Hand Safety Program

Superior Glove offers a free, onsite Hand Safety Program for safety professionals who want to completely overhaul hand safety at their company and address all safety controls, not only PPE

  • Onsite engagement: Direct communication with workers, not just observation, to understand and solve their challenges
  • Actionable reports: Actionable hand safety reports address all safety controls, not only PPE
  • ANSI recommendations: All PPE recommendations based on ANSI standards for easy use with preferred suppliers and manufacturers
  • Training and support: Assistance provided in deploying and implementing solutions with free resources, training, and supplier support

See if you qualify and get started today! » Learn more

Sweden's foremost opera and ballet theatre fined $300,000 for fatal fall of stage technician in 2023

Sweden’s national theater for opera and ballet, the Stockholm-based Royal Swedish Opera, has been fined 3 million kronor ($300,000) after a stage technician died last year when he fell around 13 meters (more than 40 feet) from a balcony as he was carrying out work inside the building. The fatal fall had been investigated as “a work environment violation” and Prosecutor Jennie Nordin said the death could have been avoided. » Read More...

Air traffic controller's faulty assumption led to close call between planes in Texas: NTSB

An air traffic's controller's faulty assumption that a Southwest Airlines jetliner would take off from a Texas airport before a landing FedEx plane reached the runway caused the planes to come within less than 200 feet of colliding in thick fog last year, federal investigators said Thursday. The National Transportation Safety Board said the Southwest pilots contributed to the close call in Austin by not telling the controller they needed time on the runway before beginning their takeoff roll. The air traffic controller had cleared both planes to use the same runway. » Read More...

Disneyland employee dies after falling from moving golf cart in theme park backstage

A Disneyland employee died after she fell from a moving golf cart in the backstage area of the Southern California theme park, authorities said Saturday. » Read More...


Are you sitting too long in your office job? South African study offers some health tips

Sedentary behaviour can result in chronic health conditions such as obesity and heart diseases, bad news for the millions of office workers who are forced to sit behind their desks every day. In its simplest form, the term “sedentary behaviour” describes sitting for too long and not breaking this up with movement. » Read More...

Coaching tips for developing a personalized mental fitness plan for long-term well-being

What is a mental fitness plan? The simple answer is a daily commitment to promote physical and mental well-being. A person must be motivated and have the knowledge and skills to create a personalized mental fitness plan. They must understand why, what, and how such a plan can benefit their long-term physical and mental health. » Read More...

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Enhance Workplace Safety with Canadian Red Cross OHS Online Courses

Help meet regulatory requirements and boost workplace safety with our comprehensive online Occupational Health and Safety courses. Designed for optimal engagement, these courses empower your team. Explore interactive, multimedia learning today. » Learn more

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