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Crane lowers three injured workers to safety after Vancouver scaffolding collapse

Ongoing work at a construction site in downtown Vancouver was stopped last week and an investigation is underway after a facade fell off a church building onto scaffolding, sending three workers to a hospital.

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Stay Seen and Stay Protected

Stay Seen and Stay Protected – Revolutionizing Safety with VizLite Technology Visibility safety is of utmost importance in today's fast-paced society, particularly in high-risk workplaces like Roadside Workers and EMS. A large threat to these workers is not being noticed by others, which can lead to accidents. To prevent incidents, it is vital to maintain constant visibility of workers. This is where VizLite Dual Technology comes in, revolutionizing safety standards in a groundbreaking manner.

WorkSafeBC reviewing exposure limits for 24 substances, seeks stakeholder feedback

Each year, the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) publishes a list of substances for which they have set new or revised Threshold Limit Values (TLVs). A TLV is the airborne concentration of a chemical substance where it is believed that nearly all workers may be exposed over a working lifetime and experience no adverse health effects.

WorkplaceNL increases employer assessment rates by 2.4%, cites rising claim costs

The average assessment rate paid by employers to WorkplaceNL, the agency that oversees workers' compensation in Newfoundland and Labrador, is rising 2.4% on Jan. 1. That brings the rate to $1.73 per $100 of assessable earnings, which includes a temporary discount of 21 cents.

Truck and trailer repair company in Stratford, Ont., fined $55,000 after workplace injury

An employer in Stratford, Ont., has been fined $55,000 after one of its workers, who wasn't wearing eye protection, was injured when a piece of wire was ejected from a grinder.

Alberta bans use of photo radar on ring roads around Calgary, Edmonton - 'must only be used to improve traffic safety'

Alberta is banning the use of photo radar on ring roads in Calgary and Edmonton starting Dec. 1. The move comes among "growing frustration with the purpose and use of photo radar," the province said.

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Dräger X-plore 1950 respirator mask | NIOSH-approved

Dräger X-plore® 1950 is a NIOSH-approved mask and filters out 95% of particles in the ambient air. Thus, it offers protection for a wide field of applications.
  • Variation: Valved and Non-valved
  • Sizes: Small and Medium/Large
Key Product Features include:
  • Available in two sizes which offers a comfortable option to most wearers
  • SmartFOLD design with patented double reinforcement that provides increased breathing space and a sturdy mask body
  • Provides a high face to mask fit ratio for various face sizes
  • CoolMAX exhalation valve (optional) for low breathing resistance
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Opinion: Nova Scotia workers' compensation system needs an independent review

Nova Scotia recently announced an independent review of the workers’ compensation system in Nova Scotia. As spokesperson for the Nova Scotia Workers’ Compensation Stakeholders Coalition, I am encouraged by this announcement. » Read More...

'Dumping Day': Lobster season set to kick off in Nova Scotia, prompting workplace safety warning from province

Lobster fishing season is set to kick off on Nova's Scotia south shore and in the southwestern part of the province. While the day always brings excitement, and opportunity, the province also wants to point out the great risk the job also carries. » See the Photos

Opioids in the Workplace: Call for speakers for this important discussion

Opioids are having a devastating impact on communities, and workplaces often find themselves on the front lines of substance abuse disorders. With this in mind, OHS Canada is partnering with Talent Canada to present a special virtual event on Opioids in the Workplace on Jan. 31, 2024. » Read More...
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Struggling to reduce hand injuries?

Create a safer work culture with Superior Glove’s free Hand Safety Program. Arrange an in-person or virtual complimentary meeting and you will learn how to:
  • minimize or eliminate hand injuries
  • reduce associated injury costs
  • boost worker productivity
Our free Hand Safety Program addresses gaps in all safety controls, not just PPE. » Learn more...

Rescuers attempt manual digging to free 41 Indian workers trapped for over 2 weeks in tunnel

Authorities in India said on Monday they were set to begin manual digging of what they hoped was the final phase of rescuing the 41 construction workers trapped in a collapsed mountain tunnel in the country's north for over two weeks. » Read More...

Railyard explosion, inspections raise safety questions about Union Pacific's hazmat shipping

Federal inspectors have twice found hundreds of defects in the locomotives and railcars Union Pacific uses at the world's largest railyard in Nebraska, but none of those seem to explain why a shipping container filled with toxic acid exploded there this fall. » Read More...

OSHA finds plant explosion that killed 1 person in Massachusetts could have been prevented

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration has found an explosion that killed one worker at a pharmaceutical chemical plant in Massachusetts could have been prevented, and proposed nearly $300,000 in penalties. » Read More...


Responsible ESG investing in the Global South requires overcoming the Global North’s saviour complex

ESG standards (Environment, Social and Governance) are metrics designed to guide responsible investing. The “S” in ESG has evolved into the financial innovation of social impact investing (SII), which promotes social benefits such as environmental protection, gender equality and human development, and also generates profits for beneficiaries and investors. » Read More...

‘Forever contaminant’ road salts pose an icy dilemma: Do we protect drivers or our fresh water?

As winter approaches, many communities in Canada and around the world arm themselves against icy roads and sidewalks with a time-honoured ally: road salt. For decades, applying road salt has been regarded as a simple but vital tool in countering the dangers of slippery road conditions, but the downsides of its use are apparent. » Read More...