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Join our industry-transforming webinar on Thursday, June 29, and explore the changing world of Fluorine-Free Foam Technology. This exclusive event is your opportunity to gain valuable insights, technical expertise, and have all your burning questions answered.
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During the webinar, we'll cover essential topics such as Canadian legislation changes for firefighting foam, unravelling the truth about PFAS in foam, understanding the ins and outs of fluorine-free foam technology, seamless implementation in existing fixed systems, step-by-step guidance for the conversion process, and real-life success stories of companies that have made the switch.

Stay ahead of the curve, navigate the evolving foam technology landscape, and make informed environmental decisions. Engage in an interactive live Q&A session with our expert speaker, Philip, who has led ground-breaking initiatives at National Foam and provided guidance to top Canadian organizations on successful foam conversions.

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Date: Thursday, June 29, 2023
Time: 1:00 pm EST

Join us as we lead the industry's transition to safer and more sustainable firefighting solutions.

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Mike Douglas
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