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Are you looking for safety solutions that seamlessly combine dependability, availability, and top quality? Then Levitt-Safety's Fast Track Catalogue is for you!

Our expert team of safety specialists have carefully crafted this catalogue, gathering the very best safety solutions for you. Now, you can have quick online access without any waiting.
Your safety is our goal,
and it's at your fingertips.
Why Choose Fast Track?
  Dependability: With 88 years safety experience and 18 locations across Canada, we’re your trusted safety partner.
  Availability: Ready to ship safety products that won’t keep you waiting.
  Quality & Safety: We offer top-rated products from industry leaders, so you’re in safe hands.
Tailored Solutions, Just For You:
Effortless Shopping
Expert Guidance
Reliable Stock
Personalized Touch
About Levitt-Safety:
We make Canada a safer place to live and work. We partner with our customers to solve their fire, safety, and environmental challenges. Our motivated, knowledgeable people deliver value through high-quality solutions, products, and services. Learn more about us by visiting www.levitt-safety.com.
Levitt-Safety Ltd.
P: 1.888.453.8488 | F: 905.829.2919
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Levitt-Safety Ltd.
P: 1.888.453.8488 | F: 905.829.2919