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About Us

A Message From Our Sponsor

Join us for an insightful webinar delving into critical aspects of selecting Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to safeguard your workforce from arc flash and flash fire hazards. Our expert panel offers invaluable strategies enabling your organization to meet Canadian safety standards while ensuring employee satisfaction and protection. We’ll introduce a certified NFPA 70E trainer who is also an arc flash survivor ready to share his powerful story. He’ll underscore the real-world relevance of PPE that fits and is comfortable to remain safe and compliant.

Key Takeaways:

You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of:
  • Strategies to balance comfort and protection for enhanced satisfaction and compliance.
  • The dangerous implications of improper wear and ill-fitting protective clothing.
  • Why choosing a reputable clothing supplier who backs up their word with live demonstrations and rigorous testing is essential to your organization.


Scott Margolin

Vice President of Technical, Tyndale
Subject matter expert to OSHA, NFPA, ASTM, ASSE, NECA, and others, Scott chairs the committees responsible for maintaining the ASTM standards for arc rating (ASTM F1959) and home and industrial laundering of arc-rated clothing (ASTM F2744 and ASTM F1449), and serves as chairman of the Partnership for Electrical Safety. During his 30+ years in protective apparel, he has conducted thousands of arc flash tests aimed at understanding real-world hazards and PPE performance.

Jason Brozen

Lead Corporate Safety and Technical Trainer, Tyndale
As an arc flash survivor, Jason shares his experience to help educate electrical workers and safety training professionals about the importance of proper protection on the job. With 20+ years of experience as a master electrician, Jason is a certified OSHA and NFPA safety professional who has provided extensive and engaging safety training for corporations across North America. A subject matter expert on a variety of electrical safety topics, he has spoken at several educational seminars for various organizations such as EPSCO, NECA, ASHI, and InterNACHI to help improve electrical workplace safety.

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