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They can have far-reaching impacts on the mental, physical and emotional wellness of employees and their families. Sun Life’s free and easy-to-use toolkit helps you build your own custom strategy to prevent musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries.

These include injuries affecting muscles, tendons, nerves, and spinal discs causing back pain and other symptoms. MSK injuries are a leading cause of disability claims Musculoskeletal (MSK) issues account for 20% of all disability claims, and over 40% of those are related to back and neck pain. The good news is, many of these issues are preventable. Sun Life’s toolkit helps you build a custom strategy to:
  • increase productivity,
  • lower absence rates and
  • ensure a safe and sustainable return to work for those with an injury.
The panel discussed a range of essential topics, including identifying common risks, dispelling myths, and using data-driven approaches to uncover issues.

This toolkit will guide you through how to assess and understand the challenges specific to your workplace. This will help you identify targeted actions to reduce and manage risk factors, and create a culture of prevention.

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