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CPO Approved JHSC (Part 1,2, Refresher), Working at Heights, WSIB Approved First Aid CPR, AED & Safety Consulting

PHAS CORP Offers in class, distance and blended learning options
  • No minimum number of participants required for training at client site
  • No weekend premiums or off shift charges
Training Details and Prices
  • JHSC PART 1: Three days @$390.00 per person
  • JHSC PART 2: Two days @ $280.00 per person
  • JHSC Refresher: One day @ $ 225.00 per person
  • Standard First Aid, CPR, AED: Two days @$ 130.00 per person
  • Working at Heights: $135.00 per person
    • 20% discount if you are booking trainings before December 31, 2023!

Contact information

Website: phascorp.com
Phone number: 647-564-6824
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Phoenix Health, and Safety Consulting Services Inc.
90 Burnhamthorpe Rd W, Mississauga, ON.
E: info@phascorp.com | Ph: 647-564-6824