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Young Workers

March 28, 2017  

Precarious work affects mental and physical health: OFL survey

Close to 5,000 Ontario workers polled

March 21, 2017  

Government plans to sponsor new Grain Safety Program for farmers

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada offers $375,000 in funding

March 14, 2017  

Recommendations on farm employment standards released

Farm workers should not get overtime pay: report

February 21, 2017  

Man, 25, dies in accident on highway construction site

Fatality occurred on Saskatchewan highway

June 23, 2016  

Companies will have to step up work life balance policies as young people enter workforce

TORONTO – The work-life balance in European countries seems

November 10, 2015  

Explosion kills 19-year-old welder at worksite in Saskatchewan

Teen worker was opening barrel with torch

November 3, 2015  

Mould, radiation concerns raised at Dalhousie dentistry clinic

N.S. Department of Labour and Advanced Education investigating

September 1, 2015  

Pearson International Airport worker critically injured in vehicle accident

Teen worker thrown from baggage dolly in collision with fuel truck

August 25, 2015  

Student video on workplace safety reaches viewers in construction industry

Two-minute PSA video screened for 100 construction workers

June 2, 2015  

OFL calls on authorities to pursue criminal convictions for workplace fatalities

Push for stricter penalties follows death of young miner

December 1, 2014  

Growing Pains

Often, the final punctuation in a life story is not a period, but a question mark. After 15-year-old Christopher Lawrence was entangled in a conveyor belt at a gravel-crushing site outside Drumheller, Alberta in July, safety inspectors fanned out across the province in early commencement of a planned inspection blitz on gravel-crushing sites. The death of the teenage worker has raised a larger question: should Lawrence have been permitted to work in that position at all?