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January 14, 2013  

Air quality issues sicken teachers in Nova Scotia school

YARMOUTH, N.S. (Canadian OH&S News)

January 7, 2013  

Distracted Alberta railway workers hit by train

EDMONTON (Canadian OH&S News)

November 27, 2012  

Study finds link between manufacturing sector and breast cancer risk

WINDSOR, Ont. (Canadian OH&S News)

September 24, 2012  

Federal government drops opposition to crysotile asbestos hazard label

FEDERAL (Canadian OH&S News)

September 7, 2012  

Making A Comeback

The Quebec government’s recent announcement of a $58-million infusion to breathe life into Canada’s beleaguered asbestos industry has drawn outrage from various quarters.

July 16, 2012  

Dust to Dust

For a dust explosion to occur, everything has to be lined up just right. Unlike a fire, which can be started by a trio of elements — fuel, an ignition source and oxygen — a dust explosion can occur only if a pentagon comprising two…

June 19, 2012  

Feds investigating gas leak at customs-related facility

HAMILTON, Ont (Canadian OH&S News)

March 27, 2012  

Review confirms cancer risk for Nfld shipyard workers

MARYSTOWN, Nfld (Canadian OH&S News)

March 2, 2012  

Falling Partitions: Plus or Minus

Within a couple months of relocating to an open-concept office space last October, Michael De Monte had noticed significant changes in the social dynamics among employees.

January 17, 2012  

Poultry plant in Manitoba appeals order to clean up air

WINNIPEG (Canadian OH&S News)

August 29, 2011  

Mould growth potential in the aftermath of storms

It may have been a flood; perhaps even a hurricane. The potential for harm from temporary fury unleashed is clear: downed communication devices, damaged infrastructure, and losses of productivity and resources.

April 7, 2011  

Phantom Rising

To some, it is a constant buzzing in their ears; for others, it is a sort of whistling, humming or even the usually calming sounds made by crickets.

January 18, 2011  

What’s Appening?

The idea came to John Holtan while he was attending a week-long training event in Atlanta about five years ago. A refinery and power plant operations instructor in North Dakota at the time, Holtan made the trip to Georgia Tech hoping to beef up…

May 12, 2009  

Swine Flu and Pandemic Planning Resources

These online swine flu, pandemic planning and emergency preparedness resources have been compiled by COHSN staff.