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    Hands-Off Documents

    December 1, 2009 by Dan Birch

    The story has all the makings of a compelling Hollywood flick: a confidential, privileged report a company had been assured would be destroyed finds its way into the hands of a provincial inspector an…

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    Going Viral on H1N1

    December 1, 2009 by Angela Stelmakowich & Jean Lian

    It has arrived — and not a moment too soon for people concerned about the potential health toll that H1N1 could exact this flu season.

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    Hands-Down Protection

    December 1, 2009 by Angela Stelmakowich

    If safety gloves were ships, the main message would likely be “steady as she goes.” While no great new wave looks to be bearing down on the marketplace, that hardly means the waters are not churning j…

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    Deb Canada Offers Hand Washing Reminder Posters Online

    November 6, 2009 by OHS

    Waterford, ON Workplaces and public facilities where people interact in close proximity are at a higher risk for the spread of germs. Studies show that for every employee who comes to work sick, up to 18% of their colleagues will

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    Electrolab Announces New Safety Program: Office Injury Prevention

    November 6, 2009 by OHS

    Belleville, ON A new safety training program has been released by ERI Safety Videos titled Office Injury Prevention. Office work is an essential part of every operationaccounting, customer service, engineering and design operations, document storage and retrieval, information technologythe list

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    Tom Cunningham Joins Industrial Scientific as Vice-President, Global Operations

    November 5, 2009 by OHS

    Pittsburgh, PA Industrial Scientific, the global leader in Gas Detection as a Service, is pleased to announce that Tom Cunningham has joined the company as Vice-President, Global Operations. In this role, Tom will have responsibility for Industrial Scientifics operations, including

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    Industrial Scientifics iNet Control Named Product of the Year

    November 4, 2009 by OHS

    Pittsburgh, PA Industrial Scientific, the global leader in Gas Detection as a Service, is pleased to report that Occupational Health & Safety magazine has named iNet Control Product of the Year. The award honors achievements of health and safety manufacturers

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    Moldex-Metric, Inc. Releases New Wave Band Hearing Protector

    November 4, 2009 by OHS

    Culver City, CA The new Wave Band is ideal for situations which require users to remove and replace their hearing protection frequently. Comfortably worn under the chin, the sleek wave design allows the band to float, keeping it away from

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    Haws Corporation Releases New Surface Mount HydrationStation

    October 22, 2009 by OHS

    Sparks, NV Haws Corporation is pleased to introduce the Surface Mount 2000SM the newest model in the HydrationStationTM line. This new model still features HydrationStations patented touch-free, hygienic water dispensing system and is easily installed on virtually any indoor wall.

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    Colour Me Safe

    October 1, 2009 by Jason Contant

    New technology is often eagerly anticipated, while concurrently viewed with scepticism — that is, at least until any wrinkles have been ironed out.

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    Haws Corporation Introduces New Discount Product Website Haws Closeouts

    September 30, 2009 by OHS

    Sparks, NV Haws Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of their new discount product website www.HawsCloseouts.com. The Haws Closeout Store features bargain-priced cancelled special orders, obsolete, returned, and/or slightly scratched or dented drinking fountains, electric water coolers, eyewash and

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    E-Course Provides Awareness of WHMIS After GHS

    September 28, 2009 by OHS

    Hamilton, ON The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) in partnership with Health Canadas National Office of WHMIS, has developed two e-courses to make Canadians aware of how the future implementation of Globally Harmonized System of Classification and

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    Guardian Extreme Tags new from Master Lock

    September 9, 2009 by OHS

    Mississauga, ON Dust and dirt. High humidity. UV radiation. Harsh chemicals. Frequent washdowns. Extreme temperatures. Canadian industry throws some pretty harsh conditions at equipment and accessories, so Master Lock designed a tag for virtually all conditions that would stand up

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    Taking a Broader View

    September 1, 2009 by Dan Birch

    Tunnel vision — the term can carry hefty negative connotations. That is certainly the case when it comes to occupational health and safety, where failure to consider anything but what’s directly ahead can be hazardous indeed.Take a road…

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    A Safe and Helpful Lift

    September 1, 2009 by Andrew D'Cruz

    Lifting is a common workplace task that seems tailor-made for injury. Picking up a load that is just a few kilograms too heavy, reaching just a little too far forward, carrying something just a bit ov…

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    The Other Hepatitis

    September 1, 2009 by Jason Contant

    There are plenty of types of hepatitis: C likely being the most familiar and capable of setting off the loudest alarm bells in workplace settings.

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    Custom earplugs are prescription earwear

    August 31, 2009 by OHS

    Mississauga, ON If prescriptions for eyewear are important for workers to see properly to preserve their vision, then it makes sense for workers to take care of their hearing the same way, so says Brad Davidson, President of HearSafe Canada

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    Show Support for Cancer Survivors with Pink N-DEX BWC Gloves

    July 28, 2009 by OHS

    Coaticook, QC Showa Best Gloves pink N-DEX BWC (Because We Care) nitrile glove enables disposable glove wearers to show their support of cancer survivors while enjoying all the characteristics associated with the Best N-DEX hand protection. These 100% nitrile, non-latex

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    Smart Solutions for Fall Protection

    July 24, 2009 by OHS

    Franklin, PA The Smart Policy MillerGuide from Miller Fall Protection is packed with tips to assist in preparing and implementing an effective and safe fall protection program. Designed as a quick reference guide, the MillerGuide provides insight into developing a

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    Industrial Scientific Appoints Griffin Schultz General Manager of DBO2

    July 22, 2009 by OHS

    Pittsburgh, PA Industrial Scientific, the global leader in Gas Detection as a Service, has appointed Griffin Schultz General Manager of its sister company, Design, Build, Own, & Operate Inc. (DBO2). Griffin will report directly to Kevin Miller, Vice President, Global