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B.C. ride hailing report makes 32 recommendations to pave way for regulations

February 16, 2018
By The Canadian Press
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VICTORIA – An all-party British Columbia government committee is unanimous in supporting a provincewide plan for ride-hailing services in the province.

The committee’s report makes 32 recommendations to help pave the way toward introducing and regulating ride-hailing in B.C.

NDP committee chairwoman Bowinn Ma says the recommendations balance the importance of developing regulations that encompass fairness, consumer protection and worker rights in a constantly changing economy.

Deputy chairwoman Stephanie Cadieux of the Opposition Liberals and Andrew Weaver, leader of the Green party, say the recommendations provide the foundation to bring in ride-hailing by this year.

The report comes ahead of a government review due later this year from transportation industry expert Dan Hara, who was asked to provide recommendations for the creation of a made-in-B.C. ride-hailing service.


Transportation Minister Claire Trevena has said the government plans to introduce ride-hailing legislation in this fall.

The committee held public hearings and invited 67 expert witnesses, including representatives from ride-hailing companies, Uber and Lyft.

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