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News Compliance & Enforcement
March 8, 2024  

Stelco fined $200,000 after worker killed by conveyor belt in Hamilton

News Health & Safety
March 4, 2024  

Alberta plans to regulate, license mental health counsellors through College of Alberta Psychologists

News Health & Safety
January 23, 2024  

Passenger on downed B.C. helicopter used emergency radio to call for help

News Global OHS News
January 16, 2024  

Hose kink in smoky darkness disoriented firefighter in ship blaze that killed 2 colleagues

News Health & Safety
December 21, 2023  

Purolator’s extension of COVID vaccine mandate beyond June 2022 a ‘poor decision’: Arbitrator

News Health & Safety
November 13, 2023  

Cities look to copy Montreal’s ban of right turns on red, but safety data lacking

News Health & Safety
October 24, 2023  

OSHA releases top 10 safety violations for 2023: Fall protection retains stubborn spot at the top

News Global OHS News
October 18, 2023  

Prosecutors seeking to recharge Alec Baldwin in fatal shooting on set of Western movie ‘Rust’

News Global OHS News
September 18, 2023  

Norfolk Southern announces details of plan to pay for lost home values because of Ohio derailment

News Global OHS News
September 1, 2023  

Mississippi candidate for attorney general says the state isn’t doing enough to protect workers

News Global OHS News
July 26, 2023  

Man suspected of shooting and injuring Dallas area doctor was then shot and injured by police

News Global OHS News
July 10, 2023  

National newspaper in Mexico says its reporter was killed in western state

News Health & Safety
May 8, 2023  

Jody Young named president, CEO of Workplace Safety & Prevention Services

News Global OHS News
March 7, 2023  

Passengers restrain man who tried to stab flight attendant on flight from L.A. to Boston

News Health & Safety
November 15, 2022  

New Democrats call for independent review of Ottawa’s COVID-19 response

News Health & Safety
November 14, 2022  

Few details about fatal P.E.I. accident, but it was second major incident at Curran & Briggs in 3 days