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Regina police clock driver going 183 km/h in city construction zone

Police seeking maroon Nissan that went at thrice the speed limit

REGINA (The Canadian Press) — Police in Regina are looking for the lead-footed driver who they say blasted through a construction zone at 183 km/h.

They say officers had a speed trap set up on one side of the city’s Ring Road highway and noticed a maroon-colour Nissan sports car — either a 350z or a 370z — roaring along in the other direction.

They managed to clock the speed at more than three times the limit for a construction zone, but couldn’t give chase because the car was travelling the other way.

Police say there were workers on the site at the time.

Speeding in construction zones has been a focus for Saskatchewan authorities since the high-profile 2012 death of 18-year-old Ashley Dawn Richards.

She was working as a flag person near the community of Midale when she was struck and killed by a speeding SUV.

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