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WilGrip – Ergonomic Bucket Handle
by D. Wilson Innovations Inc.

Industries only engineered control for reducing the risk associated with manually lifting and handling loads. WilGrip limits the impact of repetitive motion and strain related injuries such as Stenosing Tenosynovitis (Trigger Finger), Tendonitis, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and generalized muscle soreness. US Ergonomics indicated strong lab results: 208.5% reduction in contact stress compared to generic wire handle. 90% increased finger comfort using hook grip.

WilGrip is an aftermarket ergonomic bucket handle. By spreading the load over a larger surface area of the hand, WilGrip makes lifting and hauling heavy loads easier, safer and more comfortable. Designed primarily to work with common 5-gallon polyethylene buckets and rubber mason pails, WilGrip can also attach to any wire or rope bail handle with a diameter of ¼” or less.

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