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by DEVTRA Inc.


The Checker Inspection Books are accurate, fast & easy to use in the field with items listed in logical circle-check order. 100's of equipment & vehicle specific checklists make The Checker perfect for Municipal, Construction, Manufacturing, Mining and all other industries. The Checker passes the “works-in-real-life" test with 150 two-copy carbonless inspections in each book. Optional storage pouches provide easy access & storage of each inspection book.

The Checker is the go to Inspection Checklist book. For over 14 years and 14 million inspections, businesses all across Canada and the USA have depended on The Checker Inspection Checklist Books for their Inspection program, Safety, Maintenance, Due Diligence and Compliance initiatives. Developed based on real world knowledge and experience as well as extensive research in the field, The Checker’s customer reviews state they would “Highly Recommend” The Checker to others.

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